Vitamix 5200 vs A2500: What You Need To Know In 2022!

There is no doubt that a good blender can revolutionize your meal preparation experience. It works magic in saving time, improving efficiency, and promoting healthy living. 

Vitamix is among the top brands to consider when buying a new blender or when upgrading to a high-performance blender. 

And the Vitamix 5200 vs A2500 blender battle has been around since Vitamix launched the Ascent series blenders. Which of the two should you buy in 2022? 

Sure enough, both are versatile, powerful, and very durable blender models! The 5200 is an affordable bestseller that has proven its reliability in all sorts of blending tasks for over a decade.

Yet, the A2500 brings modern feature sets like self-detect technology, a digital timer, three preset programs, and built-in wireless connectivity with smartphone devices

Given the smart technology features, the A2500 costs about $150 higher than the 5200. The pricing of over $500 makes it an expensive model for anyone looking for a budget Vitamix blender.

On that note, I would recommend the 5200 for anyone looking for a budget Vitamix. It’s still a high-performance blender with proven reliability and solid construction to that for a decade and beyond. 

On the other hand, the A2500 will suit you if you want a versatile and durable Vitamix with smart technology feature sets. Its present programs offer a walk-away blending convenience for smoothies, hot soup, and frozen desserts.

What’s more, the A2500 also works with the Vitamix food processor attachment. Thanks to the built-in self-detect technology. With this attachment, you will turn your Vitamix into a fully functioning food processor. 

That said, the A3500 is the overall best blender in 2022. It’s much superior to the A2500 since it comes with 5 preset programs and a touchscreen control panel. If you have the money, I recommend the A3500 over any other Vitamix in the market today!

What is the Difference Between Vitamix 5200 and A2500?

Key Specs – A2500 Comes with 3 Preset Programs & a Timer

While the 5200 model comes with all the standard features you expect with a Vitamix, the A2500 goes the extra mile. It comes with 3-extra preset programs for a walkaway blending convenience. 

The settings are dedicated to the preparation of smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soup. Yet, despite the 5200 coming without these presets, you can still get your favorite smoothies or hot soups in a few seconds. 

On top, the A2500 comes with a digital timer which is not there in the 5200. The digital timer helps you to set your ideal time for every recipe to achieve the perfect texture. It also helps to eliminate the guesswork when preparing meals.

The Vitamix A2500 also features self-detect technology which enables it to detect and adjust to the settings of any Vitamix container placed on it. 

Operation – A2500 Connect with Smartphone Devices

The A2500 is one of the Ascent series smart blenders that feature built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It connects to smartphone devices to access the Android and iOS Vitamix Perfect Blend App.

This app has 17 preset programs and over 500 Vitamix recipes. With the app, you can easily control your blender with the smartphone. Unfortunately, this feature is lacking in the 5200 model since it’s an older Vitamix model!

Cost – The 5200 is Very Affordable

You already know that cost is not the only thing you need to consider because the list is long. Again it does not follow necessarily, that the most expensive blender is the best in terms of performance. 

The A2500 will cost you a few dollars more than the 5200, but if you consider the extra features that come with this smart blender, then you’ll see that its value is worth the extra dough.

Warranty – The A2500 Comes with a 10-Year Warranty

When it comes to the longevity of any kitchen appliance, then the warranty is very important for such an expensive investment. The Vitamix A2500 beats its competitor in the scale. 

Although both models have gone through a rigorous testing exercise about their durability, the A2500 scores are slightly higher. 

You’ll have an extensive warranty reaching up to 10 years against any manufacturer defect with the A2500. Similarly, the 5200 also comes with a decent 7 years warranty, which is 3 years shy of what you get with the A2500. 

Blending Power – The A2500 is Much Powerful

The good thing about these blenders is that they are all-powerful enough to tackle any ingredients into a fine texture. However, there is still a little difference in their power. 

The 5200 comes with a 2.0-HP motor which is high enough to crush coffee beans, nuts, and so on in seconds. On the other hand, the A2500 comes with a 2.2 peak HP motor which means much better performance within a short time.

Containers – The 5200 Comes with a 64-oz Classic Tall Jar

There isn’t much difference as far as the containers of these models are concerned especially from a glance. But you’ll notice that the 5200 has a 64-oz classic tall profile while the A2500 has a 64-oz low-profile container. 

Because of these design differences, you will have an easy time fitting your A2500 in most of your kitchen cabinets and a quite difficult experience with the 5200 model. But still, they can be kept on the countertop for easy access. 

The good thing about these blenders is that they all come with a self-cleaning functionality. So keeping it clean is effortless and you know regular cleaning adds to the durability of any appliance.

What are the Similarities Between Vitamix 5200 and A2500?

  • They both come with a 64-oz BPA-free container, so they are very safe for preparing human food.
  • Both of them have a variable 10-speed control dial plus a pulse button. This functionality is easy to use and it gives you utmost control over the entire blending process.
  • Both of them have a built-in self-cleaning feature that makes cleaning super easy. Imagine, just blending a mixture of warm water and some drops of dish soap for about 30 seconds is enough to make the jar clean!
  • They both feature a radial cooling fan on the motor base. This ensures the motor base remains cool even after using the blender for an extended time.
  • Both of them are fitted with a thermal protection system that stops the blender automatically if the motor gets too hot to prevent any damage.
  • The blades of both containers are cut from hardened stainless steel. As a result, they are strong and very sharp to cut the toughest ingredients with just a single rotation.

Vitamix 5200 vs A2500: Blender Base & Motor Comparison

The Vitamix 5200 comes with a 2.0-peak horsepower motor while its competitor has a slightly powerful 2.2-peak horsepower motor. 

And although the A2500 is slightly powerful, both of them can grind and fine-tune any tough ingredient like seeds, nuts, coffee beans, and so on within seconds.

The motor bases of these blenders have a radial cooling fan which is very important when it comes to motor temperature regulation. Vitamix understands that electrical appliances tend to overheat after extended use. 

As such, they also feature a thermal protection system that is set to stop the blender from operating whenever the motor gets too hot. For this reason, your blender can serve you for a significant period without any disappointment.

Both the 5200 and A2500 come with a variable 10-speed control dial for easy operation. But the control dial of the A2500 is a premium digital knob with half-speed rotations

Both also have a pulse switch to fine-tune textures to your desired consistency as you blend. In simple terms, any of the two gives you full control of your blender and the entire blending process. 

Yet, the A2500 stands out in this battle because of its 3-preset programs for smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soup. It also features a digital timer, self-detect technology, and built-in wireless Bluetooth connectivity. 

Vitamix 5200 vs A2500 Blender Base & Motor Comparison Chart 

Vitamix 5200Vitamix A2500
Product LineC-SeriesAscent Series
Motor Power2.0-peak HP2.2-peak HP
Wattage1200 watts1400 watts
Preset ModesNoYes (Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, & Hot Soup)
Variable SpeedYes, 10-SpeedYes, 10-Speed
Digital TimerNoYes
Pulse FunctionYesYes
Self-Detect TechnologyNoYes
Power Cord6-feet4-feet
Motor CoolingYesYes
Thermal ProtectionYesYes
Height (with Jar)20.5-inch17-inch
Available ColorsRed, Black, White, Slate, Brushed StainlessBlack, White, Red, Slate
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Vitamix 5200 vs A2500: Container & Blades Comparison

To help you know what you need exactly, in this section I’ll try to show you how the containers and blades of these blenders compare. 

Right from the box, you’ll notice that both of them are designed for large family needs. Each of them comes with a 64-oz container which is ideal for preparing large batches.

The 64-oz low-profile container that comes with the A2500 has self-detect technology. As aforementioned, this technology allows the blender to detect the container size and auto-adjust its settings for the best blending experience.

Both the containers are self-cleaning but the A2500 self-detect jar is also dishwasher safe. That’s both the container and the lid. However, the 64-oz classic tall container of the 5200 is NOT dishwasher safe!

NOTE: Both containers are made from hard BPA-free plastic so they are all safe for preparing a meal for human consumption. 

That said, they are durable, and therefore, not easy to break or crack during blending. In terms of profile, the 5200 is about three inches taller than the A2500 which is about 17-inches tall. 

The 5200 stands about 20.5 inches tall with the container on top of it. The drawback of its height is that it doesn’t fit under the standard kitchen cabinets which are usually 18 inches in height. 

But like most kitchen blender enthusiasts, this blender will most probably rest on your kitchen counter for as long as you use it. Not unless you’re planning to move or you live in a house with a small kitchen. Hence the height isn’t an issue!

TIP: The 5200 is arguably the best inexpensive Vitamix blender for large families even despite the height drawback

Both containers come with the Vitamix standard blades, which are made of hardened stainless steel for strength and durability. These blades are well-engineered and razor-sharp!

The blade in the Vitamix 5200 container (64-oz classic tall) is 3-inch in diameter, while that in the A2500 container (64-oz low-profile with self-detect) is 4-inch in diameter. But both will still give you the best blending performance.

Vitamix 5200 vs A2500 Container and Blade Comparison Chart

Vitamix 5200Vitamix A2500
Container Volume64-oz64-oz
Container ProfileClassic Tall (20.5”)Low-Profile (17”)
Stainless Steel BladesYesYes
Blades Size (Diameter)3-inch4-inch
Dishwasher SafeNoYes
Tamper IncludedYesYes

Vitamix 5200 vs A2500: FAQs and Answers

1. Is Vitamix A2500 Worth It?

Yes, you won’t regret investing your money in it because it comes packed with a number of features that are absent in other standard blenders. 

These include a digital timer, built-in wireless connectivity, self-detect technology, and automatic blending cycles for smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soup.

2. Which Vitamix Blender is Best?

Although, this review is between the Vitamix 5200 vs 2500, after a deep research I recommend the A3500 as the best overall blender of the year. But why? Because of the exceptional feature set that you get with this model. 

Unlike the A2500 which comes with only 3-automatic cycles, the A3500 comes with 5 making it the most versatile. And if walkaway convenience matters to you then you enjoy it best with this blender.

3. Is the Vitamix A2500 Self-Cleaning?

Yes, the A2500 is self-cleaning and dishwasher safe!

4. Is Vitamix A2500 Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, the A2500 is dishwasher safe. Both the container and the lid!

5. Can You Put Vitamix in the Fridge?

There is no need because it is not made for that. But you can put your smoothies prepared from this blender in the fridge if you prefer it frozen. Again, how are you going to fit a 20 inch plus blender in your fridge trays? You don’t and shouldn’t!

6. How Do You Deep Clean a Vitamix?

It is very simple and straightforward. You only need to fill it halfway with water and add a few drops of dish soap, then blend the mixture for about 30 seconds. Finally, pour the soapy water over the lid and rinse thoroughly!

7. Is Vitamix 5200 Self-Cleaning?

Yes, the 5200 is self-cleaning!

8. How Tall is Vitamix 5200?

It’s quite tall compared to other Vitamix blenders. The 5200 stands about 20 inches tall with the container on top of the blender base.

9. Does Vitamix 5200 Make Hot Soup?

Yes, the stainless steel blades swivel at a very high speed which generates heat by friction. So you can get yourself hot soup in a few seconds.

10. Can You Put Boiling Water in Vitamix?

While the Vitamix can make you hot soup out of cold broth, it’s not advisable to put steaming hot water in the jar. Doing this is risking an explosion that might end up damaging the components and voiding the warranty!

Vitamix 5200 vs A2500: Which Do I Recommend & Why!

To this end, I believe you have learned something from my Vitamix 5200 vs A2500 review to help you best choose the right fit for your blending needs!

So to wrap it up, I would recommend getting the A3500. Yes, the Vitamix A3500 if you have the money. It’s a superior blender with modern, smart technology feature sets including five preset programs and a touchscreen panel

Yet, if you prefer a choice between the 5200 and A2500, I recommend getting the A2500. Like A3500, the A2500 features smart technology including three preset programs, built-in self-detect, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. 

My favorite feature with the A2500, and A3500, is the self-detect technology that allows them to work with newer Vitamix attachments and accessories. These include the food processor attachment, 8-oz bowl, and 20-oz blending cup.

However, if you’re on a budget and looking for value for your money, the Vitamix 5200 will best suit your needs. It comes with user-friendly controls and has an over-decade-long proven record of reliability, performance, and durability.

That said, it’s worth noting that all these blenders are highly versatile and durable. Just throw in your ingredients as per your recipe and enjoy the amazing results from smoothies to soups to nut butter and so much more!

Thank you for reading this far and please leave a comment below if you’ve any questions or suggestions.

Happy blending experience with your new Vitamix!

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