Vitamix One vs E310: 3 Reasons to Avoid the One in 2022

Which model wins in the battle of Vitamix One vs E310?

Vitamix One is the cheapest brand new Vitamix blender model in the market today. It’s also easy to use and maintain! Vitamix designed it for blending single-serve recipes hence the name Vitamix One!

The One comes in a small, compact design with a 1.2-HP motor and a 32-oz BPA-Free blending jar to suit making single-serve recipes.

My favorite feature of the One is its control dial that performs all the blender’s control functions. It increases the blending speed as you turn it clockwise. And turning it counterclockwise decreases the speed until it shuts off.

The Vitamix E310, on the other hand, is the next affordable Vitamix. It will cost you about $100 more (brand new) and you can get it as a certified reconditioned model for just about the same super-affordable pricing as the Vitamix One.

Unlike the One, the E310 is a full-sized blender that comes with a medium-sized 48-oz jar. And like all full-sized Vitamix blenders, the E310 features a powerful 2.2-HP motor that matches that of modernized Vitamix models like the Vitamix A3500 that I recommend as the overall best blender in 2022.

NOTE: Instead of getting Vitamix One, for just about the same price, I recommend getting the (Renewed) Vitamix Explorian Blender. It packs all the features of the Vitamix E310, but with a large 64-oz low-profile jar instead of the medium-sized 48-oz jar.

The E310 comes with the standard Vitamix control features including an On/Off switch, a Pulse switch, and a variable 10-speed control dial. Its performance is impressive and the build quality is solid. 

I would recommend the E310 to people who are looking for a powerful brand new Vitamix on a budget. Its 48-oz blending jar will suit single-serve to medium-sized recipes, thus making it perfect for a small family.

That said, both the Vitamix One and E310 will handle most types of every day, whole food blending needs that any other Vitamix blender would do. That includes making smoothies, frozen desserts, salads, and dips and spreads among others.

NOTE: I wouldn’t recommend using the Vitamix One for demanding blending tasks like making hot soups, grinding coffee and dry grains, or making nut butter. It comes with a smaller 1.2-HP motor and lacks motor cooling. In that case, I would strongly recommend you get the Renewed Vitamix Explorian if you want the cheapest Vitamix or the E310 if you want a brand new Vitamix with a 5-year warranty.

Vitamix One vs E310

So, Who Should Get the Vitamix One?

Simply put, the One will suit you if you want the least priced Vitamix for making smoothies and preparing everyday whole food recipes. With the Vitamix One, you can blend:

  • Simple food prep (chopping)
  • Fresh and frozen smoothies
  • Whole food juices
  • Nut milks
  • Baby food
  • Frozen desserts
  • Dressings
  • Marinades
  • Dips and spreads
  • Fresh and frozen cocktails

The Vitamix One is well-built, easy to use, and very affordable at slightly under the $250 price range (brand new). But before you click the check price button”, I recommend you read below on “Who Should NOT Get the Vitamix One?”.

Who Should NOT Get the Vitamix One?

Vitamix strictly states that the Vitamix One is not intended for blending hard and hot ingredients including making:

  • Grain griding
  • Doughs
  • Nut Butters
  • Griding coffee
  • Soups
  • Hot ingredients

In case you’re looking to make such kinds of blends, then I recommend getting the Vitamix E310 instead or the Renewed Vitamix Explorian for just about the same price as the Vitamix One.

3 Reasons to Avoid the One in 2022

  1. With the Vitamix One, you are limited in your blending. You can’t use it for hard and hot ingredients like nut butter, soups, and griding coffee. Remember, a Vitamix is a buy-and-keep kitchen appliance. It’s actually an investment that will probably stay on your kitchen counter for years, maybe a decade. Perharps you might grow “old” with it! So, they not just buy a Vitamix that does everything the Vitamix is supposed to do? Like the Vitamix E310 or the A3500?
  2. You can get a better vitamix for the same price. The Renewed Vitamix Explorian comes is certified reconditioned by Vitamix. It’s a full sized blender with a 2.2-HP motor, a variable 10-speed control dial, pulse switch, and a 64-oz low-profile jar. Yet it costs just about the same as the Vitamix One. The One comes with a 2-year warranty, while the Renewed Explorian has a 3-year warranty and is backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee for a replacement or refund!
  3. Others brands like Ninja offer much more affordable blenders. Since the Vitamix One doesn’t fully do everything that a Vitamix is intended to do, then it’s better to get a Ninja BL660 Professional or Nutribullet Pro blender for less than $100. And you will still get almost the same performance and blend quality.

TIP: The Vitamix E310 would suit you if you want a full-sized kitchen blender but you are on a budget. It’s a powerful, high-performance blender, and despite coming with a 48-oz jar, you can get a 64-oz jar (separately) to make it a full-sized blender. 

NOTE: That isn’t to say that I completely “cancel” the Vitamix One. In fact, I would recommend it if can guarantee yourself that all you will ever need to blend with your Vitamix is everyday whole foods like smoothies, salads, desserts, and so on!

What are the Differences Between Vitamix One and E310?

  • Vitamix One comes with a 1.2-peak horsepower motor while the E310 features a more powerful 2.2-peak horsepower motor.
  • The E310 has radial fan motor cooling and thermal protection system which Vitamix One lacks.
  • Vitamix One comes with a 32-oz container while E310 comes with a 48-oz container.
  • Vitamix 310 comes with a 5-years warranty while Vitamix One comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Vitamix E310 can handle demanding blending tasks like dry grains, coffee, and nut butter, while Vitamix One can’t.

What are the Similarities Between Vitamix One and Vitamix E310?

  • Both come with a tamper tool.
  • Their containers are BPA-free.
  • Both are very easy to use.
  • They have been designed to last.
  • Both are great for single-serve recipes.
Vitamix One vs E310

Vitamix One vs Vitamix E310: Blender Base and Container Comparison

Base Comparison

The Vitamix One is built with a 1.2-peak horsepower motor that is powerful enough to handle your everyday recipes like smoothies, frozen desserts, dips, and sauces. 

NOTE: Vitamix doesn’t recommend using the One for making hot soups, grinding coffee, nut butter, and other tough dry ingredients. 

The Vitamix E310 comes with a much more powerful 2.2-peak horsepower motor. It also features a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system on the motor base.

TIP: The cooling fan and thermal protection allow the E310 to run for a long time without overheating. This feature also makes it ideal for blending tough ingredients like dry grains, nut butter, coffee, and even making hot soups. 

Controls Comparison

The Vitamix One has only one simple control dial. When you turn it clockwise you will get a soft click that powers on the blender. And as you continue to turn it further, the speed increases from low to high.

You will hear another soft click when the speed reaches the maximum. On a similar note, turning it counterclockwise reduces the speed until it shuts off with a soft click. This easy operation makes it a super-easy-to-use Vitamix!

On the other hand, the Vitamix E310 features the standard Vitamix controls. That’s an On/Off switch, a pulse switch, and a variable 10-Speed control dial at the center.

Vitamix One vs E310

Container Comparison

Vitamix One comes with a 32-oz BPA-Free container that is perfect for single-serve recipes like personal-size smoothies, dips, and frozen desserts. And its streamlined design gives it a compact body that won’t take much space in your kitchen.

On the other hand, the E310 comes with a 48-oz container that is ideal for blending single-serve to medium-sized recipes. It is suitable for personal-size to small recipe batches for two or three people.

Vitamix OneVitamix E310
Power Cord2.6-Feet4.5-Feet
Motor1.2 HP2.2 HP
Motor CoolingNoYes
Noise InsulationNoNo
Available ColorsBlackBlack, Red, and Slate
Preset ProgramsNoNo
Container Capacity32-oz48-oz
Included TamperYesYes
Warranty2 Years5 Years
Height (with Jar)16.1 Inches17.7 Inches
Weight (with Jar)6.2 lbs10.6 lbs
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

1. Is the Vitamix E310 Worth It

Yes! The Vitamix E310 is an excellent, affordable blender that will suit you if you live alone or as a couple or a family of two. In fact, you can later on get a larger 64-oz low-profile container and make it a full-size Vitamix for large family-size batches.

2. Is Vitamix One Too Small?

The Vitamix One comes with a smaller 1.2-HP motor and a 32-oz container. Yet, it still offers better performance than most of the cheap blenders in the market from other brands. 

In fact, you should expect Vitamix standard blending consistency and texture when using the One. It’s great for everyday blending for recipes like smoothies, dips, sauces, and frozen desserts.

NOTE: I strongly recommend not using the Vitamix One for demanding blending like dry grains, grinding coffee, and making nut butter and hot soups. Actually, Vitamix states that this blender is not intended for these types of blending!

3. Does Vitamix E310 Make Hot Soup?

Yes! The Vitamix E310 is designed with a powerful motor of 2.2 horsepower. The extra power allows it to make a hot soup in about 6 minutes starting from cold water or broth.  

4. Can the Vitamix E310 Crush Ice?

Yes! Its high motor power allows it to perfectly crush ice. All you need is to drop the ice or the cubes in the container and use the pulse switch for a few seconds. 

5. Can Vitamix E310 Make Nut Butter?

Yes! The E310 will make you delicious nut butter at home in a snap. And the 48-oz container has a narrow design that allows you to make a small, personal-size batch of nut butter. 

6. What is the Smallest Vitamix?

The Vitamix S30 is the smallest model that the brand offers. With the 40-oz jar, it stands 14.6” tall. And with the 20-oz blending cup, it stands 15.5” tall.

But Vitamix E310 will suit you if you prefer an affordable, versatile blender for single-serve to medium-size recipes. 

7. Is Vitamix One Container BPA-Free?

Yes! The Vitamix One comes with a 32-oz BPA-Free container which features an ergonomic handle.

Vitamix One vs E310: Which Do I Recommend & Why!

Vitamix is arguably the top blender brand in the world today! Its blenders are reputed for their versatility, reliability, and long-lasting performance.

The Vitamix One is their latest creation which caters to the personal-size blender market that wants affordable but powerful blenders for single-serve blending.

It will suit the lifestyle of minimalists especially students or RVers or individuals who only make smoothies and frozen desserts in a small studio apartment. 

I would recommend the One to you if you are on a budget and looking for a durable blender for smoothies and everyday meal preps like dips, sauces, and frozen desserts.

But if you have a small family or you also want to prepare hot soups, make nut butter, grind coffee, and process dry grains, then I recommend getting the E310.

The Vitamix E310 is a much powerful blender that can be transformed into a full-sized Vitamix when you separately get the 64-oz low-profile container.

In fact, if you wondering which to get between the two, I recommend going for the E310. 

The E310 is powerful, can blend just about any ingredient, has a longer warranty, and can be upgraded to a full-size blender when you get a companion or when your small family expands!

I hope this helps, and thank you for reading this far!

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