Vitamix V1200 vs E320: Don’t Make This Mistake in 2022

Vitamix blenders are known for their exceptional reliability, unmatched performance, and lasting durability. And both the Vitamix V1200 and E320 don’t fall short of this reputation!

So, deciding which Vitamix to buy between the two can be a little overwhelming! But with the right information, you should be able to settle for the ideal model for all your blending needs.

If you have the money, I would recommend getting the V1200. It features the smart technology that you would get with the new Ascent series blenders.

Such smart features include a digital timer, self-detect, and built-in wireless connectivity that pairs with your smartphone. The latter unlocks over 17 preset programs and 500 recipes.

But the main drawback of V1200 is its hefty price tag! It costs slightly over $600 when you get it brand new. It’s the reason I recommend getting it renewed (certified reconditioned) for slightly above $400

TIP: The V1200 (Renewed) package includes a 64-oz low-profile jar with self-detect, a 20-oz travel cup with self-detect, and a tamper. 

Instead of getting the V1200 brand new, I would rather recommend getting a brand new Vitamix A3300. It’s much more affordable! Then later, you can get the Vitamix Blending Cup and Bowl Starter Kit to complete the set! 

In comparison, the Vitamix E320 is much more affordable than V1200. It costs slightly above $400 when brand new. And just above $250 when you get it renewed, which is what I recommend


  • To sum this up, if you want the best Vitamix money can buy, then either get the A3500 or A3300, click here to read the difference.
  • If you want a reliable Vitamix in the range of $400, then get the Renewed V1200.
  • And for an affordable Vitamix, the cheapest you can get, then pick the Renewed E320

That said, in this review, I’ll compare the Vitamix V1200 and E320 in detail and give my best recommendation for 2022. I’ll also offer insights and tips on how to choose the best Vitamix for your blending needs.

What is the Difference Between Vitamix E320 and V1200?

  • Vitamix V1200 features self-detect technology that helps the machine to adjust to the container size, while E320 is manually controlled.
  • The V1200 has smart technology controls like built-in wireless connectivity and a digital timer while E320 comes with easy-to-use, basic controls. 
  • The Vitamix V1200 comes with a 10 years warranty while Vitamix E320 has a 7-year warranty.
  • Vitamix V1200 is available in four colors options (black, red, slate, and white) while Vitamix E320 is available in two colors (black and red).
  • Vitamix E320 is way more affordable than V1200. The Renewed E320 is perhaps the cheapest Vitamix you can get with a 64-oz low-profile container.  

What are the Similarities Between Vitamix V1200 and E320?

  • Both blenders have a 2.2-peak horsepower motor.
  • Both come with low-profile tamper tools.
  • Both have variable 10-Speed control dials.
  • They both have a pulse switch. 
  • Both containers are 64-oz low-profile and self-cleaning. 
  • Both containers are made of BPA-free plastic.
Vitamix V1200 vs E320

Vitamix V1200 and E320: Blender Base & Motor Comparison?

The Vitamix E320 features a 2.2-peak horsepower motor. As such, it’s powerful enough to blend virtually any ingredient. 

It can handle everyday recipes like smoothies, soups, and salads to hard ingredients like ice, coffee, and nut butter. But for dry ingredients, you will need to get a dry container, such as the Vitamix 32-ounce dry grains container.

On the other hand, V1200 also features a powerful 2.2-peak horsepower motor. Like E320, this motor will handle just about any ingredient and turn them into smoothly consistent blends. 

Vitamix V1200Vitamix E320
Release Date20182017
Series (Product Line)VenturistExplorian
Pulse SwitchYesYes
Variable Speed KnobYes, 10-SpeedYes, 10-Speed
Digital TimerYesNo
Preset ProgramsNoNo
Built-In Self-DetectYesNo 
Built-In BluetoothYesNo
Available ColorsBlack, Red, Slate, and WhiteBlack and Red
Weight11.98 lb10.5 lb
Container Capacity64-oz Low-Profile with Self-Detect64-oz Low-Profile
Included TamperYes, Low-ProfileYes, Low-Profile
Extras20-oz Container Cup with Self-DetectNo
Warranty10 Years7 Years
PriceCheck on Amazon (Renewed)Check on Amazon (Brand New)

Vitamix V1200 vs E320: How do their Controls Compare?

The E320 comes with basic Vitamix controls. That’s an On/Off switch, a pulse switch, and a variable 10-speed control knob. It makes it super easy to use even in the hands of boomers. 

But the V1200 is much more advanced! It borrows most of its control features from the Ascent series blenders like the A3300 and A3500. 

At the basic, the V1200 has an On/Off switch, a pulse switch, and a variable 10-speed control knob. It also features smart controls that include a digital timer, self-detected technology, and built-in wireless connectivity.

The wireless connectivity (Bluetooth) connects with smartphones so you can pair the V1200 with the Vitamix Perfect Blend app. 

Once pair, this app gives you access to 17 preset programs and over 500 Vitamix recipes. Such preset programs include smoothies, nut butter, hot soup, butter, and baby food.

That said, between the two, I recommend the Vitamix V1200 due to its smart features that include the Self-Detect technology. Vitamix seems to be designing all their current accessories and attachments with Self-Detect in mind!

For example, the V1200 allows you to blend personal-size on-the-go smoothies with the 20-oz cup with Self-Detect. Or prepare baby food with the 8-oz bowl with Self-Detect.

Since they both come with Self-Detect and a universal blade base, you don’t need to get the bulky Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter. 

What’s more, with Self-Detect, you can also turn your Vitamix into a food processor. Thanks for the newly launched Vitamix Food Processor Attachment with Self-Detect. 

Vitamix V1200 vs E320

Vitamix V1200 vs E320: Container & Blades Comparison

The Vitamix V1200 and E320 come with 64-oz Low-Profile containers. But the one that comes with the V1200 has Self-Detect. 

What’s more, V1200 also comes with a 20-oz container cup with self-detect. Plus the blender base for this small container. It is such a wonderful blending container for making on-the-go smoothies. 

The low-profile design of the 64-oz containers allows them to fit in the standard cabinets when on top of the blender bases. They are also large enough to suit making medium to large batches. 

And like all Vitamix containers, both containers have laser-cut hardened stainless steel blades. They are also easy to clean! 

Vitamix V1200 vs E320: FAQs and Answers

1. Does Vitamix V1200 Have Bluetooth?

Yes, the V1200 has built-in Bluetooth connectivity that connects it to the iOS or Android Vitamix Perfect Blend app. 

Connecting your blender to the App gives you access to 17 preset programs and over 500 recipes.

2 . What Can the Vitamix E320 Do?

Just like all the other Vitamix blenders, E320 is an amazing blender with a powerful motor that makes smoothies, puree, hot soup, sauce dip, coffee grounds, crushed ice, dough, and many other recipes.

3. How Loud is Vitamix V1200?

Vitamix V1200 is quite loud given that it has a powerful 2.2-peak horsepower motor. But its massive power is worth withstanding the noise levels given you’ll only be blending for a few minutes.

4. How Many Watts is the Vitamix V1200?

The Venturist V1200 has a 2.2-HP motor that draws 1,500-watts of electricity. 

5. Does the Vitamix E320 Make Hot Soup?

The Vitamix E320 has a powerful 2.2-HP motor that is powerful enough to make hot soup within less than 7 minutes. The motor spins the blades at a high rate such that it generates heat and transfers it to the soup thus making it hot!

6. Is the Vitamix E320 Loud?

Like the Venturist V1200, the Vitamix E320 is quite loud given that it also features a powerful 2.2-HP motor. Simply put, your neighbors can hear it running when you put it in use. But thankfully, you will only need to run it for a few minutes per day. 

7. Can Vitamix E320 Grind Grains?

No, the E320 container is not designed to grind dry grains, because this model doesn’t make the separate stainless steel container which is meant for dry grain. So this model without a separate container is not recommended for dry grains

8. How Does Vitamix Self-Detect Work?

The self detects technology automatically detects the size of the container you are using and adjusts the blending setting to refine your recipes and strengthen safety. 

9. What Does the Vitamix App Do?

The Vitamix Perfect Blend App allows you to control your Vitamix (V1200, A3500, A3300, A2500, and A2300) via your smartphone. It gives you access to 17 preset programs including smoothies and over 500 recipes. 

What’s more, it also wirelessly connects to the Smart Scale for enhanced recipe assistance. Such assistance includes automatic scaling of volume, number of servings, dynamic nutritional information, and calorie count. 

TIP: The app also syncs with other fitness apps through Google Fit.

10. Can Vitamix Grind Meat?

Yes, Vitamix blenders are designed with a powerful motor of 2.0-HP and 2.2-HP. When paired with the hardened stainless steel blades in their containers, then they cat cut through both raw and cooked meat. 

And with an extra run of the blender, your Vitamix should be able to perfectly grind meat for such recipes as burgers, soups, and salads. 

Vitamix V1200 vs E320: Which Do I Recommend & Why!

Both the Vitamix V1200 and E320 are excellent blenders with proven performance and durability. Yet, I would still recommend the Vitamix A3500 as the overall best Vitamix.

If you don’t prefer having a touchscreen as part of the controls, then you should get the A3300. The two are very powerful, highly reliable, and with great smart feature sets to future-proof your blender.

But, if you want a reliable Vitamix in the range of $400, then get the Renewed V1200. And for an affordable Vitamix, the cheapest you can get, then pick the Renewed E320.

Simply put, getting either a brand new V1200 or brand new E320 is not a good value for your money. Instead of a brand new V1200, I would recommend getting the brand new A3500 or A3300.

On a similar note, instead of a brand new E320, I would recommend getting the Renewed V1200, which costs almost the same as a new E320. And finally, if you want a budget full-size Vitamix then get the Renewed E320.

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