Blendtec Tamper: A Tamper for Blendtec with 12 Useful Features!

As a Blendtec user, you might be wondering if there is a Blendtec tamper out there.

And the short answer is YES!

To briefly explain further, this innovative tamper for Blendtec is designed and guaranteed to work with all Blendtec jars, including the WildSide+ and FourSide jars. It comes in two designs:

  1. Tamper for Blendtec blenders with a Vented Gripper lid, click here to learn more about it.
  2. Tamper for Blendtec blenders with a Latching lid, click here to learn more about it.

NOTE: The design that fits the Vented Gripper lid has more features sets including a smart-scoop, tablespoon, and teaspoon measures. But to use it with your Blendtec, you need the Vented Gripper lid, which is to say, it WON’T work if you’re using the latching lid.

The good thing is that Blendtec sells the Vented Gripper Lid on Amazon and it’s super affordable! You can also get this innovative Blendtec tamper on Amazon via the link buttons below…

TIP: The Blendtec tamper is made in the United States with FDA-approved BPA-free food-grade silicone material with no glue or rubber plugs. So, your health needs are in check 🙂 

Tamperla Blender Tamper for Vitamix, Blendtec Tamper

What are The 12 Useful Features of The Tamperla™ Blendtec Tamper?

I will briefly highlight the 12 useful features of this Blendtec tamper in this section. 

I say briefly because I have addressed these features in detail in this other in-depth guide about the Tamperla™ blender stick. Click here to read it!

And before we get into the features, let’s first understand what is the Tamperla™ blender tamper for Blendtec.

Well, unlike Vitamix, Blendtec doesn’t manufacture tamper tools.

And that is how a wonderful third-party company saw an opportunity to design a tamper tool that would perform 12 different useful tasks!

It’s the story of Nathan of Blendversity and his journey from being a Vitamix sales demonstrator to inventing the Tamperla™ blender stick that is guaranteed and has been proven to work with all the Blendtec and Vitamix blenders.

You can click here to read his journey from inventing, testing, and patenting this blender stick and later launching the Blendversity company.

Tamperla™ is such an innovative and versatile tamper that will help you make smoother and more consistent blends when used with your Blendtec.

And the tool features a sturdy build quality to guarantee its durability. No wonder Blendversity offers a lifetime warranty on every blender tamper you purchase.

Now, let’s check out the 12 useful features of the Tamperla™ Blendtec tamper:

  1. Built-In Smart Scoop – which you’ll find very handy when scooping your blended mixture from the Blendtec jar into your glass or bowl.
  2. Easily Taste-Test – the smart scoop is all you need to check the consistency of your blends. Just scoop a little of the blended mixture, drop it on your palm, and taste!
  3. Quick Tablespoon (TBSP) Measurer – as if taste-testing isn’t enough, the scoop measures exactly one tablespoon. 
  4. Plus a Teaspoon (TSP) Measurer – even better, the scoop has a shallow engraved line at the middle that represents where a teaspoon fills.  What’s more, there are TBSP and TSP markings for your convenience!
  5. Anti-Roll Design – unlike all the other tamper tools in the market, Tamperla™ features an anti-roll design. This ensures it sits just exactly where you place it on the counter to avoid making a mess.
  6. Spatula – on the other side of this tamper, you have a spatula that also doubles as a ½ teaspoon measurer. It’s especially handy when blending those recipes that need essential oils!
  7. Squeegee End – that helps you squeegee every tiny bit of the blended mixture out of your Blendtec jar or push down that piece of veggie that’s stuck on the top side of the jar.
  8. Self-Standing – that lets you put the tamper on the counter as you blend with your Blendtec without making a mess. This useful feature works in conjunction with the next feature.
  9. Drip-Trench – since this tamper is self-standing, it has a drip trench that collects all the dripping to further ensure your counter remains clean!
  10. Half Shot Glass Measurer – the handle of this plunger allows you to measure 0.75 fluid ounce, the exact measurement of a half shot glass. How else can you get accurate measurements while blending with liquid ingredients like milk and water?
  11. Double Collar – that makes it such a versatile tamper tool to fit multiple blender jars. 
  12. EZ-R Grip – because such an excellent tool needs a handle that grips sturdy to ensure it doesn’t slip off your hands when making thick, creamy blends like nut butter and banana oatmeal. 

A Bonus Skinny Spatula 🙂

As if you haven’t had enough of the useful features, you’ll get a bonus skinny spatula when you buy this tamper for Blendtec from Amazon via the link button below! Click here to learn more about this innovative skinny spatula by Blendversity.

Just a reminder, you’ll need the Vented Gripper Lid to use the Tamperla™ Blendtec tamper with the WildSide+ or FourSide Blendtec jars!

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