How to Use Vitamix Tamper + 5 Tips, Hacks, & Tricks

Virtually all NEW Vitamix owners have one nagging question – how to use Vitamix tamper?

And that’s the whole point of this article. I’ll cover it in a step-by-step approach with tips, hacks, and tricks on how to get the most out of it!

What Does the Vitamix Tamper Do?

As a new blender owner, you may now be wondering what is a Vitamix tamper? And what does the Vitamix tamper do? Or maybe to be specific, what is the purpose of the Vitamix tamper in a blender?

Well, the Vitamix tamper is an accessory tool for processing thick, dense ingredients by pushing them down to the blades. It helps you get smoothly consistent blends!

3 Reasons to use a Vitamix Tamper?

There are valid benefits of knowing how to use the Vitamix tamper, including:

  • Helping you keep thick, frozen, or stubborn ingredients circulating in the container, for uniformly consistent blends.
  • Preventing air pockets from forming around your Vitamix blades, which leads to a smoothly blended recipe.
  • Easily mixing your ingredients into a fine mixture, especially when dealing with foods of different textures like veggies, fruits, and liquids.

The 3 Types of Vitamix Tampers

Vitamix containers come in different shapes and sizes from 64-oz down to 32-oz. This difference in sizes calls for the need for different tamper sizes, which include:

  • Classic Tamper, which comes with the 64-oz classic tall container. But it also fits the 48-oz and 32-oz containers due to its intermediate flange.
  • Low-Profile Tamper, which comes with the 64-oz Low Profile containers, and the S-Series blenders that come with the 40-oz containers. 
  • Mini Tamper, which is compatible with the 32-oz and 48-oz containers. It’s the tamper you get when you purchase the super-affordable Vitamix E310
How to Use Vitamix Tamper

How to use Vitamix Tamper Properly

You may already have a clue on how to use the Vitamix tamper. But a quick recap as a step-by-step mini-guide doesn’t hurt!

In fact, it’ll help you ascertain that you’re using your tamper in the right way. So, to use your Vitamix tamper effectively, all you need is to:

  1. Tightly secure the lid after you have added all the ingredients.
  2. Remove the lid plug and insert the tamper through the opening.
  3. Push the ingredients down into the blade as the blender runs.
  4. Rotate the tamper around the sides of the container to pop air pockets and mix the ingredients.

TIP: Feel free to use a little muscle to push your ingredients into the blades. That will help you get smoothly consistent blends!

  1. You can stop the machine amid blending and use the tamper to stir things around, before repeating the whole procedure!

NOTE: Avoid the temptation of using the Vitamix tamper without the lid on when the machine is running. That’s the No. 1 way of ruining your tamper and the batch you’re currently blending!

Vitamix Tamper: FAQS and Answers

1. Does the Vitamix Come with a Tamper?

Do all Vitamix blenders have a tamper? That’s a question every potential Vitamix owner wants to know before they commit to a specific model. 

The quick answer is YES! All Vitamix blenders come with a tamper. It’s one of the standard included accessories with every Vitamix machine.

2. How to Avoid Ruining the Vitamix tamper?

Not knowing how to properly use the Vitamix can end up ruining it. And in the extreme, this could also ruin the container, hence causing you an unnecessary financial setback. 

As such, the following tips, hacks, and tricks should help you avoid ruining the tamper:

  • Avoid blending without the lid. It’s the No. 1 way of ruining the tamper. Once it touches the blade, you risk getting it shredded to pieces.
  • Avoid using the wrong tamper tool. Say, a classic tamper in the low-profile containers. Or the low-profile tamper, in the 32-oz or 48-oz containers. 
  • Don’t blend nuts while they are still hot. Give them some time to cool. Else, you risk melting BOTH the tamper and the container, which can be financially costly!
  • Don’t push down the tamper too hard. While it’s ok to use some force, too much force might bend the plastic lid, hence causing the tamper to touch the blade.
  • Safely place the tamper on the countertop, so it doesn’t roll over and fall, which might result in you stepping on it!

NOTE: Never fill the container more than two-thirds when using the tamper. It gives you the extra “room” to effectively use the tamper without spilling ingredients, which can cause a mess!

3. Is There an Aftermarket Vitamix Tamper?

Owing to the many benefits of the Vitamix tamper, some innovative designers have tried to come up with improved aftermarket Vitamix tamper tools. 

Among them is the Tamperla® stick that boasts of 12 useful features. It’s the perfect replacement tamper for Vitamix. These features include:

  • A smart scoop that offers an easy taste-testing experience.
  • ½ TSP, TSP, and TBSP measurers, for quick a quick measuring experience.
  • A self-standing and anti-roll design.
  • A drip trench that helps keep your counter clean.
  • A double collar that allows you to use one tamper in different container sizes.
  • An EZ’R Grip.
  • Half a shot glass measurer for measuring liquids.
  • A spatula and squeegee end for squeegeeing your blends out of the container to the last drop!
How to Use Vitamix Tamper

Tamperla® for Vitamix comes into two designs, which include:

  1. Tamperla® Classic stick that fits the Vitamix 64-oz classic/tall container and also fits the Vitamix 48-oz and 32-oz wet and dry containers.
  2. Tamperla® Low Profile stick that fits the Vitamix 64-oz low profile container and also fits the Vitamix 48-oz and 32-oz wet and dry containers.

While blending is not a must for you to have a tamper. However, if you are blending thick ingredients like frozen fruits and nut butter, the tamper is your friend! 

Knowing how to use the Vitamix tamper will help get the ingredients moving around the jar while preventing air pockets from forming around the blades.

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