Read This Before You Buy the Vitamix Tamper Holder!

What if I told you you don’t really need to get the Vitamix tamper holder? And why should you, especially if there is a better alternative out there?

Well, the tamper holder does one job. It allows you to store your Vitamix machine and tamper in one place.

It conveniently attaches to your Vitamix motor base, which also makes it easily accessible while blending.

Moreover, the Vitamix tamper holder features a cup that catches any drips from the tamper. This helps keep your kitchen counter clean!

But it has one main disadvantage – the price! I don’t think you need to pay $20 to $30 for such a simple Vitamix attachment whose only benefits are secondary!

Instead, Get The Tamperla Tamper for Vitamix!

Yes, I understand you already have a Vitamix tamper. And that’s why you want to get a Vitamix tamper holder for the added benefits.

But the Tamperla Stick for Vitamix isn’t just any average tamper. It’s everything a Vitamix tamper and tamper holder can do, plus more!

What do I mean? The Tamperla Stick for Vitamix packs 12 useful features, including a self-standing base, drip trench, and an anti-roll design to ensure you don’t need a tamper holder! 

What’s more, it’s designed and made in the US with high-quality, BPA-free material with NO glue or rubber plugs! Its other features include:

  • A Smart-Scoop that allows you to quickly and conveniently measure ingredients and easily taste-test while blending.
  • A spatula, tablespoon, teaspoon, and ½ teaspoon measurers for convenience when measuring both powdery and liquid ingredients.
  • A ½ a shot-glass measurer – a wonderful feature especially when making blends that need essential oils among other liquids!
  • A squeegee end that does the job of a spatula to squeegee every bit of the blended treat out of your Vitamix pitcher.
  • EZ’R grip that ensures the tamper doesn’t slip off your hands even when blending thick, creamy smoothies.
Tamperla Blender Tamper for Vitamix, Blendtec Blender Tampers

And my favorite thing about the Tamperla Stick for Vitamix is its super affordable price tag for such a handy tool. Remember, you get a FREE spatula on top! It’s available in two options:

1. Tamperla Mini-Short Tamper for Vitamix, 

Which fits 32-oz, 48-oz, and 64-oz Low-Profile Container.

2. Tamperla Classic Tamper for Vitamix, 

Which fits the 64-oz Classic Container, plus the 32-oz and 48-oz Containers.

TIP: The Tamperla tamper for Vitamix features a double collar design that allows it to fit more than one container. As such, if you have a 64-oz low-profile jar, get the mini-short tamper, and for the 64-oz classic jar, get the classic tamper.

This tamper tool is much affordable than the Vitamix tamper holder, while its benefits are out of the world. And the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty means that it will even outlast your Vitamix blender.

Simply put, the Tamperla for Vitamix is the only tamper stick you’ll ever need for all your current and future Vitamix containers. 

NOTE: There is another tamper holder for Vitamix Explorian Series blenders, E310 and E320, that costs about $20. But it’s just a small plastic “cup” that you would be better off using a plastic tumbler rather than spending that much!

And on a similar note, there is also a tamper holder attachment for Vitamix Ascent and Venturist series blenders.

Now, do you still need the Vitamix tamper holder? Well, that’s a question for you to answer! But personally, for such an overpriced attachment, I’m better off getting a Tamperla Vitamix tamper replacement with multi-functionalities.

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