Which Vitamix to Buy: Comparison of Vitamix Models 2022

Which Vitamix to buy for all my blending needs in 2022 and beyond?

So you might ask.

As a smoothie and healthy food junkie, a blender is my No. 1 kitchen appliance. And for that matter, the best Vitamix blender I can get!

But let’s be honest, buying a Vitamix blender can be pretty overwhelming.

There are so many models to consider, despite the fact that in the end, we all want the same results. And that is to make smoothies, juices, frozen desserts, creamy nut butter, ice creams, purees, doughs, mention them!

It’s the reason I took my time to analyze different Vitamix blenders and compare notes with other Vitamix blender enthusiasts.

The result is this guide that offers a detailed comparison of Vitamix models.

It’s the most complete Vitamix blender buying guide out there. With it, you’ll learn the key features to consider depending on your blending needs. As well as answers to Vitamix blender FAQs, plus the best Vitamix blender deals in 2021!

So, let’s ride together!

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A Quick Comparison of Vitamix Models by the Best Value

You might be wondering which Vitamix to buy in terms of the BEST VALUE!

That’s especially if you’re looking for an affordable Vitamix blender that will offer you the best blending experience for all your needs.

If the Best Value if what you’re up to, then here are my quick recommendations:

Vitamix A3500Vitamix The Overall Best Vitamix to Buy in 2022

The Vitamix A3500 comes with the 64-oz Low-Profile Container with Self-Detect!

It packs smart features including a touch panel and pre-programmed modes for an easy blending experience. And like all Vitamix blenders, it will perfectly handle virtually any ingredient you can think of from veggie smoothies to nuts, from frozen desserts to soups, mention them!

I would recommend it to those who are looking for the ultimate future-proofed blender for 2022 and beyond. Actually, this is a kitchen investment that should probably take you through the next decade!

E310 – Best Value Personal Size Vitamix

Which Vitamix to Buy - Blender Tampers

The Vitamix E310 comes with a short/narrow 48-oz container.

Its small design and the super affordable price point makes it an ideal personal size blender. The motor is powerful enough to blend small to medium batches for small family meals.

I would recommend it to those who live alone, or up to a family of three!

5200 – Best Value Family Size Vitamix

Best Vitamix Blender - Blender Tampers

The Vitamix 5200 comes with the classic tall/narrow 64-oz container.

It’s powerful and big enough to sustain the needs of even the largest of families. And you will surely love its minimalistic design that features easy-to-use controls. What’s more, it comes at a super affordable price point.

I would recommend it to families who want a Vitamix blender on a budget!

Recon E320 – Best Value Refurbished Vitamix

Which Vitamix to Buy - Blender Tampers - Vitamic E320

At times a refurbished Vitamix might be all that you need to enjoy the best blending experience.

The refurbished E320 is a powerful blender that comes with a Low Profile 64-oz container. And the fact that Vitamix has reconditioned it means that it looks and works just like a brand new Vitamix E320.

Its larger container and a budget price point makes it the best Vitamix for a family who is in a fix but would like to invest in a powerful blender. The Recon E320 is truly a bargain!

Which Vitamix to Buy For New Owners?

TIP: If you’re looking to buy a budget Vitamix as your first blender, I would recommend checking the above comparison of the best Vitamix models by the best value. At the moment, these are the best Vitamix deals for budget buyers!

That said, if you want to invest in the best Vitamix blender that will serve you for decades, then here are my quick recommendations:

Ascent Series – Best Vitamix Blenders That I Highly Recommend!

The Vitamix Ascent Series is a category of smart-system blenders. 

I highly recommend buying these blenders since this is an investment that has both the power you need to blend small to large amounts and smart controls that bring future technology in present kitchen appliances.

There are four Ascent Series Vitamix blender models, but for a first-time buyer, I’d advise getting either the A2500 or A3500 since they come with pre-programmed settings. 

The other two are the A2300, which is the most inexpensive but lacks both a touchscreen and pre-programmed settings, and the A3300 that has a touchscreen but lacks pre-programmed settings.

Which Vitamix to Buy - Comparison of Vitamix Models - Best Vitamix Blender - Blender Tampers

For starters, the Ascent Series blenders come with a number of smart features that are quite handy

Some of Ascent Series Blenders Features Include:

  • Wireless connection to a smartphone app.
  • Built-in programmable digital timer.
  • Touchscreen control for the A3300 and A3500. 
  • A premium digital control knob for the A2300 and A2500
  • 5 pre-programmed settings for the A3500 (3 for the A2500).
  • A massive 10 years warranty. That’s a decade long of peace of mind!

If money is no object to you, I recommend buying the Vitamix A3500. But for about $100 less, you can get the Vitamix A2500.

TIP: The pre-programmed settings include: Smoothies, Dips & Spreads, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, and Self-Cleaning.

A3500 and A2500 offer you a walk-away blending convenience, smooth blending consistency, an easy cleaning experience, and smart controls.

Pro 750 – The Premium Vitamix to Buy if You DON’T Like Smart Controls

Which Vitamix to Buy - Comparison of Vitamix Models - Blender Tampers - Vitamix Pro 750

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 is a premium blender with unmatched performance and easy-to-use controls.

It packs all the great features of the Ascent Series models, but without the modern technology. So you will still get the 5 pre-programmed settings but without a digital display.

What’s more, it comes in a sleek exterior design that will complement any kitchen decor. This blender has not only proven to be highly durable but also very efficient. It comes with a 7-Year full warranty!

I’d recommend it to anyone, especially families and boomers, looking for a powerful, premium Vitamix with easy-to-use controls and WITHOUT the smart features like a touchscreen.

S30 – Best Professional-Grade Personal Vitamix Blender

Which Vitamix to Buy - Blender Tampers - Vitamix S30

As the name suggests, the Vitamix S30 is a professional-grade personal blender. It comes with two containers:

  • A 40-oz compact container that is ideal for blending small to medium batches for personal, a couple, or small family meals.
  • A 20-oz portable container with a flip-top lid. 

The S30 is a space-saving blender that can easily fit just about anywhere. And the 20-Oz jar will give you an on-the-go blending experience. 

It’s the Vitamix I would recommend to anyone with a small kitchen, college students, minimalist smoothie enthusiasts, and a family of two!

TIP: Despite its small size, it still features a powerful motor, an easy-to-use variable speed control, and a pulse feature. Plus a 5-Year full warranty!

Vitamix Overview: Comparison of Vitamix Models & Product Lines

Now that you have a clue of which Vitamix to buy if you are looking for a budget value or as a first-time owner, it might be good to understand the different types of Vitamix product lines and models to-date.

I’m sure after going through my above quick recommendations, you might have been left wondering how Vitamix blender models are grouped. Or how do different types of Vitamix models compare?

In this section of the guide, I’m going to break down all the Vitamix blender models and product lines in a simple, step-by-step approach. By the time you’re done reading through it, you’ll possess every arsenal you need to buy your ideal Vitamix.

But before we get into that part, why don’t we answer another important question. Why should you buy a Vitamix blender over other blender brands?

Which Vitamix to Buy - Comparison of Vitamix Models - Best Vitamix Blender - Blender Tampers

Why Should You Buy a Vitamix Blender?

Vitamix is a highly reputable brand. With an almost a century history of designing the best blenders in the world!

It is a brand that you can never go wrong when you have done your analysis to the heart of your needs.

Vitamix is all about versatility, performance, and durability!

The brand has a long list of models! Each of them engineered for specific customer needs! And even better, the Refurbished Vitamix models are up for grabs at a bargain despite looking and working just like a brand new blender.

Their warranty goes for as long as 10 years! A decade! But you won’t find that many complain about their product faults and malfunctions.

That tells you the company does all it takes to design blenders with its customers’ satisfaction in mind. 

How Do You Tell the Vitamix Blender Model That Best Suits Your Needs?

In this part of the guide, I have gone down to details about the different types of Vitamix product lines and models. 

I have made efforts to simplify this for you while also covering all the important aspects.

My aim is to ensure you finally make the most informed, definite decision, and buy your most ideal Vitamix.

Vitamix Product Lines and Models Explained

Vitamix blenders come in different models grouped into five unique categories. Or product lines!

There are just about a dozen base models that fall within these categories. These base models have variations like programming buttons and touchscreens, plus other accessories.

Most of the other models in the market have only been repackaged with different names. They are exclusive to certain retailers. Like Costco!

Such repackaged models use one of the base blenders in the main models with color variations. Or extra containers and accessories.

1. S-Series Vitamix Product Line

The S-Series is the Vitamix Personal blender product line.

If you’re looking for a Vitamix to serve “just your personal blending needs,” then the S-Series product line should be your go-to category.

The S-Series models are smaller than the standard Vitamix blenders.

They take up less counter space than the G-Series and C-Series. And are designed to fit under the standard kitchen cabinets.

S-Series Vitamix blenders come with dishwasher-safe containers. A feature that makes them easy to clean compared to their larger counterparts.

The S-Series product line features three models that include the S30, S50, and S55.

Vitamix S-Series Models - Which Vitamix to Buy

Each of these models comes with two containers. A 40-oz standard container and a 20-oz smaller container.

The 20-oz Jar Turns into a Travel Cup with the Flip-Top Lid

The smaller container can double as a travel cup as it includes a flip-top lid. You can blend your smoothie in this jar and swap the blades-base for the flip-top lid. And rush out for your day’s errands as you enjoy the treat!

The blades-base can be swapped between these two containers!

Who Should Buy the S-Series Vitamix?

The S-Series blenders are ideal for people who need a travel blender, or those living alone in smaller kitchens! Like college students. Or digital nomads. They are less powerful than the G-Series and C-Series models.

S-Series Vitamix Models Explained

Vitamix S30 features variable speed control and a pulse setting. 

The Vitamix S50 features a variable-speed control and two preset modes: Power Blend and Smoothie.

Last in this category is the Vitamix S55 that has all the features and accessories in S50. Plus two extra presets Frozen Desserts and Dips-and-Spreads. 

What’s more, the S55 model’s pre-programming makes it very easy to operate!

TIP: If you’re looking for a personal blender that is versatile and powerful! A blender with no fancy controls and can outlast a decade, you should get either the S30 or the S55.

S-Series Product-Line Key Takeaways:

  • The S-Series is the Vitamix personal blender product line.
  • There are three Vitamix models in this product line: S30, S50, and S55.
  • All the models come with two containers: 40-Oz and 20-Oz.
  • With the included flip-top lid, the 20-oz container doubles as a travel cup.
  • Vitamix S30 features variable speed control and a pulse setting.
  • I recommend buying the Vitamix S30 since it is affordable, versatile, powerful, and minimalistic.
  • The S50 features a variable speed dial and two preset modes: Smoothie and Power Blend.
  • And the S55 has all the Vitamix S50 features plus two more preset modes: Frozen Desserts and Dips-and-Spreads.
  • All three models come with a 5-Year full warranty.
  • I recommend them to on-the-go smoothie enthusiasts, college students, digital nomads, and people with smaller kitchens.

2. C-Series Vitamix Product Line

C-Series is the classic Vitamix blender product line. It features the models that you will find in most homes.

This product line has been in production for very many years!

They feature 3-inch stainless steel blades and a 2HP motor apart from the Vitamix model 5300 that packs a more powerful 2.2HP motor. C-Series Vitamix blenders are taller than the G-Series and S-Series models.

Having been in production for years, the C-Series has the widest range of available models. But the base models in this line are only four:

  • Two-Speed
  • Variable-Speed
  • A Variable-Speed with Pre Programmed Settings
  • Variable-Speed with a 2.2HP motor

They all use different model numbers to distinguish between appearance, containers, accessories, and warranty length. As well as the retailers of the products in this line.

The most popular models in the C-Series product line are the bestseller 5200 and the iconic Pro 500.

Which Vitamix to Buy - Comparison of Vitamix Models - Best Vitamix Blender - Blender Tampers

Other C-Series Models Include:

  • The CIA Professional Series,
  • TurboBlend, Creations II,
  • 5300 (it comes with a 64-oz low profile jar),
  • Pro 200,
  • 6500, 6000, and 6300.

(i) Two-Speed Vitamix C-Series Blenders

The TurboBlend Two Speed is the classic example of the Two-Speed Vitamix C-Series blenders.

It is a basic blender with a simple High/ Low-speed switch. The most ideal for users who don’t need the frills that come with modern blenders.

The TurboBlend Two Speed comes with the 64-oz tall/narrow container that is ideal for blending medium to large batches.

(ii) Variable Speed Vitamix C-Series Blenders

The variable speed category features the Jack-of-all-trades of blenders!

Most of them are the same in terms of power and performance, only that their appearance and the accessories they pack set them apart.

The variable speed category includes the Vitamix 5300 and the popular Vitamix 5200!

The Vitamix 5200 is the ultimate blender for all your kitchen needs.

It’s a machine that has been perfectly designed to serve all types of users. From beginners to culinary experts.

As an overview of this beast of family meals appliance, the Vitamix 5200 comes with a 10-speed setting and the tall/narrow 64-oz container.

Since this blender has won the hearts of most people for so many years, it now comes in different variations to suit the needs of different people.

Comparison of Vitamix Models - Blender Tampers - Vitamix 5200

Some of the Vitamix 5200 Variations:

One such variation is the “5200 – with Compact Container” that comes with a smaller 48-oz container. 

Another variation is the “5200 Super – Healthy Lifestyle” that comes with the tall/narrow 64-oz container and an extra 32-oz dry jar for grains.

Other variations of the 5200 include “5200 Standard” and the “5200 Standard – Getting Started”.

TIP: Don’t get confused by the different variations of the Vitamix 5200. All the differences come from the accessories you get. Just go for what makes sense or keep things simple by getting the base model with the tall/narrow 64-oz container!

Despite being an older model compared to most of the blenders in this product line, the Vitamix 5200 still retains its blending power and versatility!

If you’re on the look for a powerful blender. One that is versatile. Does the job really fine! And can serve a large family of say 10! A blender that will still keep the power after a decade! And you aren’t after fancy frills like pre-programmed modes and touchscreen controls. Then you should get the Vitamix 5200.

(iii) Variable-Speed with Pre-Programmed Modes

Comparison of Vitamix Models - Blender Tampers - Vitamix Pro 500

They include the 6300, 6500, and Professional Series 500 (Pro 500).

Each of these models features 10-speed variable blending settings and a Pulse mode. Plus three preset modes – Soups, Smoothies, and Frozen Desserts.

Most users out there have claimed that the Vitamix Pro 500 model does the best job when making green smoothies like kales and spinach! With this model, you will experience NO more sliced green leaves that stick to your teeth. Everything will be smoothly blended!

The Vitamix Pro 500 comes with a tall/narrow 64-oz container that is ideal for blending small to large batches for personal and family meals.

(iv) Variable Speed with a 2.2HP Motor

Vitamix 5300 is an iconic example of this category. And it’s such a super convenient blender!

This model packs all the power you need to blend any ingredient you can imagine. Well, except rocks! It comes with variable-speed control and a pulse feature. Plus the 64-oz low profile jar that can fit under the standard kitchen cabinet.

C-Series Product-Line Key Takeaways:

  • The C-Series is the Vitamix classic product line with models that you will find in most homes.
  • Blender models in this product line lack the extra frills that you would find in modern blender models, like a touchscreen.
  • They all feature a powerful 2HP motor, apart from Vitamix 5300 that comes with a 2.2HP motor.
  • Since they have been in production for many years, the C-Series product line has the widest range of available models.
  • But if I were to recommend just one model in this category then it would be the Vitamix 5200.
  • The 5200 is a bestseller that comes with variable speed control and is ideal for most families, if not all!
  • Vitamix 5200 comes in different variations but the base model features the tall/narrow 64-oz container.
  • The next model that I would recommend is the Vitamix Pro 500, as it does a great job when making green smoothies.
  • Most of the models in this product line come with a 7-Year full warranty.
  • I recommend them to families who want the ideal Vitamix for blending small to large batches for family meals.

3. G-Series Vitamix Product Line

The G-Series is the Vitamix Next-Generation blender line.

Simply put, the updated Vitamix blender models.

All the Vitamix G-series models feature 2.2HP motors and 4-inch stainless steel blades. Plus a 7-Year full warranty!

Their redesigned base has improved the blenders’ airflow. It makes them run quieter and cooler than the C-Series models.

The G-Series blenders come with a shorter/wider 64-oz container called the Low Profile Jar.

How GOOD is the 64-oz Low Profile Container?

Of course, the 64-oz Low Profile jar comes with a few benefits. Some its perks include better-chopping capabilities, fast processing time due to the 4-inch blades, and easier storage.

TIP: The container with the lid on the blender base stands 17.5” tall and, therefore, it perfectly fits under standard kitchen cabinets.

If you have an older C-Series tall/narrow 64-oz container in your drawer, then you can use it with the G-Series blenders. They are compatible!

However, Vitamix doesn’t recommend using the G-Series containers on the C-Series blender base. That’s since the G-Series containers have longer blades that increase the load. And increased load can interfere with the cooling system of the C-Series blenders.

Which Vitamix to Buy - Comparison of Vitamix Models - Best Vitamix Blender - Blender Tampers

NOTE: The main drawback of the 64-oz Low Profile container that comes with the G-Series blenders is its inability to work well with small volumes of under 2 cups. But if you’re looking to blend smaller batches, I recommend getting the 32-oz or the 48-oz containers.

Vitamix G-Series Models Explained

In the G-Series product line, the Vitamix 7500 is the most popular model. It features variable speed control and a pulse feature that makes it an ideal model for families.

Another model in the G-Series is the Professional Series 300, which comes with all the features in the 7500, but it’s a little more experience. They both come with a 64-oz low-profile container.

The 7500 stands as the main competitor of C-Series Vitamix 5200. And in case you have a few extra bucks to spend for a multipurpose kitchen blender with improved performance, I recommend going for the Vitamix 7500.

The G-Series product line also includes the Professional Series 750 that comes with preset programming and a pulse mode. The pre-programmed modes include Smoothie, Frozen Dessert, Hot Soups, Purée, and Self-Cleaning.

The Professional Series 750, popularly known as Pro 750, is a little more expensive than the 7500 due to the preset features. 

Still in the G-Series product line is the Vitamix 780 model that features a touchscreen on top of the preset programming. But this model is way costlier than even the modern Ascent Series models. I would rather recommend getting an Ascent Series blender and extra containers for its price!

There are other editions and retailer-specific models in the line. Including the Creations Elite Model that comes with a 48-oz container, a mini tamper, and a stainless steel smoothie cup.

G-Series Product-Line Key Takeaways:

  • The G-Series is the Vitamix Next-Generation blender line.
  • All the models in this product line feature a powerful 2.2HP motor and a 4-inch stainless steel blade.
  • G-Series blenders feature a redesigned base with improved airflow that allows them to run quieter and cooler than the C-Series blenders.
  • The G-Series blenders come with a shorter/wider 64-oz container called the Low-Profile jar.
  • The Low Profile container offers improved chopping capabilities, faster processing, and easier storage.
  • You can use the tall/narrow 64-oz container that comes with C-Series blenders on a G-Series blender base.
  • But it’s not advisable to use the short/wider 64-oz Low Profile container that comes with the G-Series blenders on a C-Series blender base due to overloading.
  • Some of the base models in the G-Series product line include the Vitamix 7500, Pro 750, Pro 300, and Vitamix 780. And they all come with a 7-Year full warranty.
  • I recommend buying the Vitamix 7500 since it provides better performance and features easy-to-use variable speed control and a pulse feature.
  • But if you can spare a few extra bucks, I would recommend settling for the Pro 750 that comes with preset programming on top of the variable speed control, pulse feature, and 64-oz Low Profile container.

4. Ascent Series Vitamix Product Line

The Ascent Series is the latest, modernized Vitamix blender line.

Vitamix calls this line the Smart System. It features four models – A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500.

The main difference between these models is their appearance and control interface options. They basically pack different combinations of the same features.

All the four models feature variable speed, Pulse mode, Self-Detect jars with clear lids, and a count-up timer display.

The A2300 and A2500 are controlled by a premium digital knob and physical switches. While the A3300 and A3500 feature a premium digital knob and touchscreen controls.

Which Vitamix to Buy - Comparison of Vitamix Models - Best Vitamix Blender - Blender Tampers

The awesome thing about the Ascent blenders is the ability to connect and use the Perfect Blend Smartphone App with them. With the app, you unlock the blender’s full potential with 17 preset programs and over 500 recipes. The app is available for both iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android (Smartphones/Tablets)

When shopping for an Ascent Series blender, all you need to ask yourself are these two questions:

(i). Do You Want to Pay More for a Touchscreen?

  • If YES, then consider the A3300 and A3500.
  • If NO, you can still make use of the premium digital knob that comes with the A2300 and A2500 models.

(ii). Do You Want to Pay More for Pre Programmed Modes?

  • If YES, go for the A2500 and A3500.
  • If NO, settle for the A2300 or A3300 models.

In simple terms, A2300 is the least pricey in the line. But it doesn’t include a touchscreen and Preset programs, but only a premium digital knob and the physical switches.

The A3500 is the most pricey in the line and comes with a touchscreen control panel and preset programs on top of the premium digital knob.

What’s even more, the A2500 and A3300 are in the same price range. A3300 packs a touchscreen but no preset programs. And A2500 packs preset programs but no touchscreen. It’s all about taste and preference here!

The Perfect Blend Smartphone App

On top of the modern controls, Ascent Series Vitamix blenders feature wireless connectivity. They use NFC in identifying the container in use and Bluetooth to connect to the Perfect Blend Smartphone App.

Their containers are dishwasher safe, while their WARRANTY goes up to 10 years. A decade long!

The A2300 and A2500 come in white, black, and red colors. While the A3300 comes in Pearl Gray and Black Diamond. And the A3500 in White, Graphite, Black Stainless, and Brushed Stainless color options.

NOTE: All the Ascent Series Vitamix blenders require Ascent containers that feature a Self-Detect Chip. This product line is the most ideal for you if going with technology and style is something you fancy!

Ascent Series Product-Line Key Takeaways:

  • Ascent Series is the latest, modernized Vitamix blender line.
  • This product line features four Vitamix models: A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500.
  • A2300 is the least pricey model in this product line and features a premium digital knob and physical switches.
  • The A2500 and A3300 fall within the same price range.
  • A2500 features a premium digital knob, physical switches, and preset modes.
  • But A3300 features the premium digital knob and a touchscreen panel, but no preset modes.
  • The A3500 is the most pricey in the product line and features a premium digital knob, touchscreen panel, and preset modes.
  • All the Ascent Series blenders connect to the iOS/Android Perfect Blend Smartphone App that offers 17 programs and over 500 recipes.
  • Ascent Series blenders require the dishwasher safe Ascent Series containers that feature a Self-Detect Chip. They all come with a 64-oz Low-Profile Ascent container.
  • All the Ascent Series blenders come with a 10-Year full warranty.

TIP: All the Ascent Series blenders are cutely GREAT at blending. And, therefore, the ideal model is all about preference and choice. But if it were up to me, I would recommend getting the Vitamix A3500 if you can afford the price!

5. Explorian Series Vitamix Product Line

Another latest Vitamix blender line is the Explorian Series.

It is the new value-priced Vitamix blender line with two models: E310 and E320.

Vitamix E310 features a 2HP motor, 48-oz container, 10 Variable-Speeds, and a Pulse mode. It’s 17” tall and comes in black color.

The Vitamix E320 features a 2.2HP motor, 64-oz Low-Profile container, 10 Variable-Speeds, and Pulse mode. It’s 18” tall and comes in red and black colors.

This product line has lots of likeness to the C-Series model 5300. As a quick reminder, the 5300 features a 2.2HP motor 64-oz Low-Profile container, 10 Variable-Speeds, and Pulse mode. It’s 17.2” tall and comes in black and red.

Which Vitamix to Buy - Comparison of Vitamix Models - Best Vitamix Blender - Blender Tampers

It’s like Vitamix noted people who wanted family blenders but weren’t willing or able to spend over $400 went for refurbished Vitamix blenders. And even worse for the Vitamix brand, some people in this situation considered other brands.

As such, Vitamix designed a blender that packs almost the same features as the 5300 model, but at a price that is almost the same as a 5300 Reconditioned model.

The E310 is far more affordable, going for $100 less than the E320.

The only limitation of the Explorian Series is the lack of program settings and modern fancy controls like touchscreens. You can’t do “walk-away” blending with them, but they are still as powerful as all the other Vitamix models.

Explorian Series Product Line Key Takeaways:

  • Explorian Series is another latest Vitamix blender line.
  • This product line offers two value-priced Vitamix models: E310 and E320.
  • E310 is the most affordable Vitamix blender and features a powerful 2HP motor, 10 variable speeds, a pulse mode, and comes in black color with a 48-oz container.
  • E320 is a few extra bucks pricer than and features a more powerful 2.2HP motor, 10 variable speeds, a pulse mode, and comes in either black or red with a 64-oz Low Profile container.
  • The Vitamix E310 is 17″ tall, while E320 is 18″ tall. These two models have a lot of similarity to the C-Series Vitamix 5300 that is 17.2″ tall.
  • 5300 features a 2.2HP motor, 10 variable speeds, a pulse feature, and comes in either black or red with a 64-oz Low Profile container. 
  • The E310 and E320 Vitamix models are very affordable and come within the same price range as the cheapest Vitamix Refurbished C-Series models.
  • The only drawback of the Explorian Series blenders is their lack of program settings and modern controls like touchscreen panels.
  • Both E310 and E320 come with a 7-Year full warranty.
  • If you’re torn between the E310 and E320, I recommend getting the Vitamix E310 if you want to blend small to medium batches, or the Vitamix E320 if you want to blend medium to large batches.

This far, you now understand all the Vitamix product lines. And I hope with the key takeaways you already have a clue on which Vitamix to buy for all your blending needs.

Understanding the Vitamix Legacy Models

You might have gone through the above comparison of Vitamix models and product lines and wondered what about the Legacy Models?

After the introduction of the innovative Ascent Series models, Vitamix came up with the line Legacy models to describe all the G-Series and C-Series Vitamix blenders.

The main reason you would want to CARE if a Vitamix blender is a Legacy model is that you will need a personal cup adapter kit to attach the 20-oz jar to use the container with the machine.

The Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter Kit

The personal cup adapter kit works with Legacy Models to make personal-size 20-oz blends. They are also great for a quick ingredient chopping for any recipe.

The kit includes the adapter and two dual-purpose 20-oz blending containers that transform to travel cups with the help of the included spill-proof lids.

Which Vitamix to Buy - Comparison of Vitamix Models - Blender Tampers - Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter Kit

This kit is compatible with all the Vitamix Legacy Models (C-Series and G-Series). That includes 5200, 5300, 6300, 6500, 7500, 780, Aspire Series, Creations Series, Professional Series, Total Nutrition Center, TurboBlend Series, plus the Explorian Series (E310 and E320).

TIP: Simply put, the kit is NOT compatible with Ascent Series and S-Series.

I would recommend it to any smoothie enthusiast out there. It comes quite handy when making on-the-go smoothies for one! And besides, it is super affordable and dishwasher safe! 

Is a Vitamix Worth It?

So far, I imagine you have already made up your mind on which Vitamix to buy!

And in case you still have some doubt, then most likely you’re questioning whether a Vitamix a worthy investment.

I say investment because Vitamix blenders come at a cost. That’s especially if you’re used to buying cheaper blenders from other brands.

So, lets clear the doubt!

For over the past decade Vitamix has earned stellar support from the world of smoothies and healthy food junkies. Thanks to its reputation for designing industry-leading blenders.

Their products are known for their impressive qualities!

Going back in time, Vitamix came to light as a family-owned USA-based company.

It is still family-owned and USA-based. But at the moment it’s blender motors are made in Sweden and the rest of the blenders in the USA.

Vitamix makes over 6,000 blenders on a daily basis and sells over a million every year. And to prove that their products are reliable, they only have 4 full-time employees in their repair department.

A Vitamix is a blender you buy and close that chapter for the next decade!

Making the Which Vitamix to Buy Decision!

You already have a comparison of the Vitamix models and all the product lines in the market to-date!

The next stop is finally making a decision of the ideal model for all your blending needs.

And to best understand how different Vitamix blenders serve different needs, I have covered the Vitamix blender buying process in this section of the guide.

TIP: You can use this knowledge to buy a blender from any other brand.

Let’s start by understanding the different types of blenders and their application!

A Comparison of Different Types of Blenders and Their Application

We are all victims of judging blenders by their brands!

You will hear comments like Vitamix is the best blender for smoothies. Vitamix is the best kitchen blender for a family! NutriBullet is the best cheap Vitamix alternative for smoothies! And the list goes on!

Some of these comments hold, but most of them are just based on our past experiences! Experiences that are very faint when we put all the blenders in the market into perspective.

To understand the most ideal blender for your needs, you need to know the types of blenders in the market.

1. Immersion Blenders

Also called a hand-held or stick blender, is a long stick-shaped device with a blade at one end and a handle on the other.

They are the best blenders for stirring veggie soup! Stick blenders are also ideal for mixing smoothies and drinks into finer liquids.

An immersion blender lets you blend hot ingredients and liquids in the cooking pan.

Types of Immersion Blenders

  • Battery operated, cordless blenders.
  • Stick blenders with attachments.
  • Heavy-duty commercial immersion blenders

Benefits of an Immersion Blender

  • Simple to use and clean.
  • Small motor.
  • Affordable.
  • Few attachments.

An immersion blender is a simple and practical appliance. Hence, they are very easy to use, clean, and maintain.

2. Countertop Blenders

A countertop blender is the “picture” of the appliance that comes into your mind when someone mentions a blender!

It’s what you will find in most homes.

They come with a jar, hence their other name “jug blenders”. Their strong build-quality and power make them ideal for everyday kitchen use.

Which Vitamix to Buy - Comparison of Vitamix Models - Blender Tampers

Jug blenders can perform a wide range of tasks! Including most of your blending needs like grinding, crushing, mixing, and pureeing.

Yet, their heavier designs mean that you will need to station them at one end of your kitchen countertop.

Types of Countertop Blenders

  • Personal blenders.
  • Large countertop blenders.
  • Commercial countertop blenders.

Benefits of Countertop Blenders

  • Available in a wide range of sizes, designs, brands, and costs.
  • Most of them are highly durable.
  • Can handle most of your blending needs, if not all!

If you are in need of an everyday use kitchen blender, you should consider a countertop blender. You can choose the specifications and size of the blender from the different Vitamix blenders we addressed in the comparison of Vitamix models section!

3. Smoothie Blenders

Blender manufacturers saw a need to design a special blender for making smoothies.

We are living in a world of healthy eating, homemade fresh juice, and vegan dieters! And we all know the importance of adopting such healthy eating practices.

With the best smoothie blender, you can easily turn veggies and fruits into a soft paste or juice. Even nuts! 

And that’s when using the right recipe!

Such blenders go by the famous name smoothie blenders. Their features are more like those of countertop blenders, in that they come with jars and blades.

Some smoothie blender blades feature a design that is ideal for softer fruits. Such as oranges! Others are ideal for harder vegetables like carrots.

I would recommend going for a multipurpose smoothie blender. A machine that can handle any type of fruit and vegetable.

TIP: All Vitamix blenders are some of the best smoothie blenders in the market today! That’s especially the S-Series and Ascent Series models.

4. Cocktail Blenders

Cocktail blenders are a subtype of countertop blenders. They feature a special design for creating great frozen cocktails and margaritas. They come in two designs:

(i) Margarita Blenders – They feature two compartments. The main compartment for blending drinks. And a separate compartment for crushing ice. These blenders are also ideal for making frozen cocktails.

(ii) Dual Wave Blenders – They are more powerful and ideal for mixing drinks and crushing ice. Such blenders come with an assortment of jars.

Cocktail blenders can mix cocktails and crush ice. They will also give you the froth you need in some of your favorite drinks. If you have an in-house mini-bar you should think about equipping it with a cocktail blender!

5. Commercial Blenders

Commercial blenders come with heavy-duty motors that make them multipurpose devices. Such blenders can handle bulk blending needs.

A commercial blender will make smoothies, mix ingredients, and dice vegetables. All in bulk or batches!

Commercial blenders are powerful enough to perform these tasks easily and quickly. Their jars are usually big. Some come with smaller containers for powdering grains and spices.

Most commercial blenders are dishwasher safe! But they are costly to buy, more so from a decent brand like Vitamix. Such huge costs rule out their effectiveness for personal or family use!

When writing this guide, I assumed you’ll come here to look for the most ideal blender for your personal or family use. As such, I WON’T be covering any of Vitamix’s commercial blenders.

TIP: To find your most ideal Vitamix I recommend listing down all the everyday kitchen tasks you are likely to handle with the blender. It is common to assume you will only need to blend veggies and fruits. Yet, you might find yourself in need of an appliance powerful enough to make decent creamy peanut butter!

How to Buy the Best Vitamix Blender for ALL Your Needs

Most people only consider COST as the determining factor when buying a blender.

COST ONLY as the determinant is a very WRONG way of purchasing any kitchen appliance!

To be honest, paying more will in most cases mean more versatility and better results. But this rule comes with exemptions!

Some low priced blenders that go for as little as $100 can give you better performance. They can blend better than most of the high-priced models that end up cracking under pressure. 

But such blenders won’t last for more than a couple of months!

There are some key features to consider when deciding which Vitamix to buy! Such features tell whether the appliance will meet your blending needs. They include:

1. Motor Power

The blender’s motor power plays a vital role in the functionality of the appliance. More powerful motors always equate to efficient but somewhat noisy blenders.

Countertop blenders feature motors of over 500 watts. Some will be as powerful as 2.2HP. Such as the Vitamix 5300. Immersion blenders have less powerful motors of about 100 to 230 watts.

Blender motor power is the main factor that determines its price. For your day to day kitchen usage, a 500 watts to 2HP blender is more than enough.

TIP: More powerful blenders generally mean efficiency. Although, a 500 watts blender is just as capable of making you carrot smoothie as a 2HP blender. You may only need to put up with some extra few seconds of blending to achieve the consistency you would get in the powerful blender!

You should put into account the number of people you’ll be blending for when deciding the blender power!

2. Wattage

Blender wattage comes into account when deciding how powerful you need your blender! Blenders with higher wattages consume more power!

A 300 watts blender is ideal for pureeing and chopping food. Furthermore, such a blender can handle mixing drinks.

Blenders with 500 watts and above are ideal for soups and smoothies. Most of the smoothie blenders in the market fall within this category.

Above 700 watts, the blender will grind harder ingredients like ice, nuts, and nutmeg.

TIP: A 2HP Vitamix blender has about 1,500 Watts, while the 2.2HP models have about 1,650 Watts. But even the smallest S-Series Vitamix models with 750 Watts will grind harder ingredients like nuts.

If making peanut butter is your thing! Or you LOVE starting your day with smoothies. You should consider a countertop blender with a wattage of above 700 watts. That’s if you’re looking to buy a blender from outside the Vitamix brand!

3. Speed

Once you have decided on the blender’s power, you will need to consider its speed levels!

Generally, most everyday use blenders have 2 to 4 different speeds. Commercial blenders will have more speeds owing to their wide range of usages.

A decent blender for normal kitchen use has slow, medium, and fast speeds. And with an extra PULSE feature, you will get a blender that does an awesome job when put into use.

The Pulse feature does an awesome job when you want to get the desired consistency in your puree and smoothies!

4. Appearance

Sometimes, the looks of your appliances matter! You want a blender that will ‘blend’ or match with your other kitchen appliances.

I like my home appliances, equipment, tools, and electronics in silver, dark, or black! Be sure to go for your tastes and preferences!

Your ideal blender should come in a body and color that complements your kitchen.

You will also want to consider the type of jars you are getting with the blender! They either come in plastic, steel, or glass. Plastic and glass jars are prone to breakages and damages. Yet, they give you a clear view of what is happening while blending.

TIP: Vitamix containers are made with rock-solid, BPA-free Eastman Tritan Copolyester, which is essentially plastic but VERY DURABLE!

Steel jars are the safest bet if damages and replacements aren’t your portions! There are some very sturdy glass jars that also help in keeping the weight of the blender stable.

High-quality glass and steel blender jars keep the machine fixed to the countertop, even when blending spices and nuts. Blending nuts tend to make the blender unstable!

If you are on a budget and you MUST go for a plastic jar, ensure that the container is BPA-free! These jars are toxins free, which is a healthy move that ensures your meals are NEVER contaminated!

5. Capacity

The blender’s capacity solely depends on the jar size. Vitamix containers hold 2 to 8 cups of ingredients.

Smaller jars are ideal for nuts and spices. Although, they will overload and overflow in the case of smoothies and juices. I would recommend you have an assortment of jars that fit your blender.

6. Maintenance

An everyday kitchen blender should be easy to maintain. Blenders with blades that aren’t easy to operate are hard to maintain. Cleaning the machine and washing the jars become a challenge.

You should always strive to get a blender that is dishwasher friendly. Countertop blenders with glass/plastic jars can be easily cleaned in dishwashers.

Going for blenders with hard plastic and chrome will mean easy maintenance. They only need some wiping to maintain and keep them clean!

Understanding Vitamix Blenders Settings and Controls

Vitamix blenders are multi-purpose machines. They come with varied controls and settings.

The models that work on variable speed controls are straightforward, and hence easy-to-use. They will generally feature low, medium, and fast speed settings. An extra “pulse” button may be included, which is the pulse option.

High technology, modern Vitamix blenders come with digital touchscreen controls. Hence, they are easy to maintain and clean. But such blenders are a little more expensive compared to the traditional blenders with manual controls.

The regular Legacy blenders will feature buttons on the base or flip switch on the side, which offers ease of control.

Some blenders have settings based on the intended purpose. Like Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, and Self-Cleaning. These models are more expensive than their counterparts that only feature variable speeds.

The speed you select when blending depends on your ingredient. And the final product consistency!

How to Use a Vitamix Blender With Variable Speeds

Low speeds are ideal for grinding. The blender will gradually and slowly grind almost any ingredient into a soft paste. The solid and liquid mix systematically to deliver a texture that is soft and smooth.

Medium speeds are ideal for grinding coarse ingredients. It is also the right setting for chopping vegetables and dicing nuts into smaller pieces. The nuts and vegetables remain in a coarse texture rather than a paste!

Fast speeds are ideal for pureeing and mixing liquids quickly for an even texture. Fast speeds aren’t ideal for grinding hard ingredients.

Pulse is ideal for mixing something quickly. Pulse mode is what you need to crush ice within a few seconds. This setting doesn’t mix or grind the ingredients but only cuts them into smaller bits.

My Favorite Vitamix Models: A3500, Pro 750, E310, 5200, & Recon E320

You now have a comparison of Vitamix models and a clear understanding of the different types of blenders and their applications.

And as a quick summary to your answer on which Vitamix to buy in 2020, I have selected my top 5 best Vitamix blender models as follows:

1. Vitamix A3500 – The Most Powerful Vitamix Smart Blender

The A3500 is a powerful blender with all the frills you could ever want in a blending machine.

If you want a sleek, beautiful blender. With all the latest technology features, including touchscreen controls. A programmable timer. Plus built-in wireless connectivity this is the right blender for you!

A3500 features a simple, smart touchscreen interface. With a one-touch start/stop button and a one-touch pulse button. Between them, you have a variable speed control dial with 10 blending speeds.

On top of this, you get 5 pre-programmed settings and a timer. The timer is the coolest feature in the A3500. In that, you can set it to blend for a certain amount of time, and it automatically stops.

With the A3500, it will take just one minute to make your homemade butter!

It comes with a 64-Oz Ascent container. Unlike the standard 64-oz container, this jar has a clear handle and lid. And just like the other models, the lid has a removable stopper, where you can insert a tamper.


  • Easy to use even if you’re not tech-savvy.
  • Superb blend quality.
  • Excellent build quality that enhances its durability.
  • 40% quieter than other Vitamix models.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Available in white, graphite, and brushed stainless colors.
  • Built-in wireless connectivity that auto-detects the jar size.


  • Its price sounds like an investment!

The A3500 pairs up with the Vitamix Perfect Blend App to give you a full blending powerhouse. The App features 17 programs and over 500 recipes. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

2. Vitamix Pro 750 – Best Vitamix Blender for Family Blending Needs

Which Vitamix to Buy - Comparison of Vitamix Models - Blender Tampers - Vitamix Pro 750

The Pro 750 cuts out the digital control frills in the A3500. I would recommend it to the baby boomers!

It features simple controls with a start/stop button and a pulse button. Plus a variable control dial with 10 speeds and 5 pre-programmed settings.

With the pre-programmed settings, you are assured of a simplified cleaning process. And walk-away blending convenience. Especially when making frozen desserts, purees, soup, and smoothies.

You also get a 7-year warranty, a 64-Oz Low Profile jar, and a tamper.

Unlike the A3500’s clear jar, this container features a rubberized handle and lid. With a removable stopper on the lid for inserting the tamper.


  • Easy to use even if you’re not tech-savvy.
  • An almost identical performance and consistency to the A3500.
  • Excellent build quality that enhances its durability.
  • 40% quieter than other Vitamix models.
  • Available in black color, copper metal finish, and brushed stainless finish.


  • Its price sounds like an investment!

Pro 750 is durable enough to last for years. With it, you will have a full blending powerhouse in your kitchen. I’d recommend this for a large family. Especially one that isn’t comfortable with the smart controls in the A3500.

3. Vitamix E310 – Best Vitamix Blender for Personal Blending Needs

Which Vitamix to Buy - Blender Tampers

The Vitamix E310 is the most affordable blender among the five.

Just like the Pro 750, it features simple controls with no digital settings. You get a simple start/stop button, a variable control dial with 10 speeds, and a pulse button.

It comes with a 48-oz jar and a 5-year warranty. The blender base is available in black, red, and slate colors.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use even if you’re not tech-savvy.
  • Superb blend quality.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Superior build quality that enhances its durability.


  • It comes with a 48-oz jar that might be small for family-size batches.
  • This blender is very loud.

Vitamix E310 is a great machine for those who want a powerful blender without the bells and whistles of a modern blender.

4. Vitamix 5200 – Best Blender for The Money

Best Vitamix Blender - Blender Tampers

Reliability and value for your money is the key-phrase that sums up the Vitamix 5200. It is such a high-performance blender that features a powerful motor. 

This blender has enough power to work through any type of ingredient you will ever imagine tossing into the container.

Among its top features include easy-to-operate variable speed control and the classic tall/narrow 64-oz container. The container is large but narrow enough to prepare small to large batches of meals.

I would recommend the 5200 to families who want to invest in a powerful but affordable kitchen blender for all their blending needs.


  • Variable speed control with the widest range of speeds.
  • It comes in 5-color options – black, red, white, platinum, & brushed stainless.
  • Highly versatile and durable!
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • 7-Year full warranty.


  • No preset buttons, but you will end up loving the variable speeds.

On top of the 7-year warranty, you’ll also enjoy world-class customer service. Yet, even with such a support and premium warranty, you might end up aging with the blender without experiencing any faulty issues! Or seeking a replacement!

5. Recon E320 – Best Certified Refurbished Vitamix

Which Vitamix to Buy - Blender Tampers - Vitamic E320

The Reconditioned E320 features a powerful 2.2HP motor, 10 variable speeds, and a powerful motor.

It comes with a 64-oz Low Profile container. 

The fact that it is certified reconditioned by Vitramix means that it will still look and work just like a brand new Vitamix E320.


  • A very affordable price range.
  • It comes with a 3-Year full warranty, despite being a reconditioned Vitamix.
  • The large 64-oz container is big enough to blend medium to large batches.
  • Its easy-to-use controls mean that it can be a great investment for a family, especially one with baby boomers.


  • It lacks modern features like touchscreen controls.
  • The 64-oz Low Profile container isn’t ideal for blending smaller batches.
  • Just like E310, the E320 is very loud.

I would recommend the Reconditioned E320 to a family that wants a powerful blender but isn’t able or willing to spend more than $300.

I hope you found this guide resourceful in answering your question about which Vitamix to buy in 2020!

In case of any question, comment, and a need for clarification, please drop your comment below and I’ll offer my assistance as soon as possible.

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