Is this the Vitamix Tamper Replacement to Buy in 2022?

Did Vitamix eat your tamper?

It’s so funny, yet very inconveniencing how fast the Vitamix tamper turns into a toast.

A_it mostly happens at a time when you are preparing your delicious quick-fix smoothie. But forget to put on the lid!

Or maybe, you ‘passively’ remove the lid and use the tamper to push down the pieces of ingredients caught between the lid and the side of the jar.

And in such a scenario, ruining your smoothie should be the least of your worries.

But well, on a lazy morning, it would be my MAJOR concern!

Thankfully you can easily order a Vitamix replacement tamper by Tamperla. It’s made of BPA-Free food-grade material and will fit in all the five major Vitamix jars. That’s 64-oz Classic (Standard), 64-oz Low Profile, 48-oz, 32-oz Wet, and 32-oz Dry jars.

5 Ways To Easily Ruin Your Vitamix Tamper in Less Than 2 Seconds

But before you purchase the Tamperla replacement tamper tool for your Vitamix, why not learn a few safe blending tips?

By understanding how you can easily ruin your tamper and smoothie, you will always take all the necessary precautions while blending. And that means you won’t need to replace the Vitamix tamper in the future!

Tamperla Vitamix Tamper for Vitamix Relacement Tamper

1. Blending Without The Lid

Using a tamper tool while the blending machine is running with the lid off tops the ruin-your-tamper list!

The good news is that the tamper features a design that has been engineered to break before the blender does. But blending the stick means that you will also ruin whatever you were making.

Think about the shredded tiny plastic pieces!

And in case you say you will be extra careful not to use the tamper, your kitchen countertop might not be spared. To blend without the lid, you will need to put the machine in the lowest setting. Or you will end up sending the content all over your kitchen.

TIP: The hole on the jar lid and the tamper length is designed to allow it to reach just near the blades without touching them. Taking off the lid means there is nothing that stops it from hitting the blades.

So if you happen to have made this mistake you might need to consider a Vitamix replacement tamper. And put extra care the next time you consider using your blender with the lid off!

2. Using a Classic Tamper in Low-Profile Jars

This is a no-brainer! While the likelihood of using the classic tamper in the low-profile jar is close to zero, there is a chance you might end up doing this if you’re not extra careful. Especially if you recently purchased the Low Profile jar as a replacement for your old 64-oz classic jar.

3. Not Letting Your Peanuts Cool Before Blending!

Time has always been this elusive but cool buddy who we are never sure if they are on our side! But we still want as much of him as we can get.

And to spend our time in the most effective ways, we end up overlooking what time we need in other areas. Like allowing roasted peanuts to cool completely before blending them to make butter.

I know this sounds weird to some, but you will be surprised how many people are impatient to let the nuts cool down until they can handle them.

And in the end, you have nuts that are hot enough to melt down the last few centimeters of the tamper. At times, your blender jar might not be spared!

TIP: The tamper won’t melt in hot soup if you’re now thinking about that after reading this. Roasted nuts out of the oven are significantly hotter than your HOT SOUP could ever get. Soup has water that keeps the temperatures from going above the boiling point. Besides, I don’t see the reason behind using a tamper in soup!

4. Pushing Down The Vitamix Tamper Too Hard

The lid has been designed to prevent the tamper stick from reaching the blades. However, pushing it too hard can bend down the plastic lid. A situation where the tamper might end up getting into contact with the blades. Nonetheless, such a scenario is very rare!

5. Stepping On the Tamper Stick

One of the design failures of the Vitamix tamper stick is having the stick without flat edges. The round design easily rolls on your counter and ends up falling on the kitchen floor. And since its interior is hollow, landing your weight on it will easily send it to the ‘garbage bin’.

TIP: The Tamperla tamper accessory for Vitamix has an anti-roll and self-standing design that solves this problem.

Blender Tamper for Blendtec, Vitamix, Tamperla

What Vitamix Tamper Replacement Do You Need?

Now that you will be extra careful the next time you put a tamper in your Vitamix blender container, it’s time to find a replacement.

If your Vitamix tamper broke, the most reasonable move is to visit the Vitamix Online Store and order a new one. But I hate to tell you that this isn’t the smartest move. And before you dispute, hear out my reasons:

First, some of the verified buyers who order a replacement complain about their inferior quality. That’s compared to the original product. And while a sizable percentage complements their excellent build design, you don’t really know if you’ll end up with one of their poor-quality sticks.

Second, there are better alternatives out there…

Such as the Tamperla tamper tool for Vitamix. A revolutionary product that features an ingenious design. It is the remedy to all the Vitamix tamper’s shortcomings.

Tamperla packs 12 unique features in one stick! Including the flat-edges that give it an anti-roll design.

It comes in three sizes that not only fits all the different Vitamix jars but virtually all the blender jars out there. Including Blendtec, Oster, Ninja, and KitchenAid.

Blender Tamper for Blendtec, Vitamix, Tamperla

Whats Makes Tamperla the BEST Vitamix Tamper Replacement Stick?

  • An inbuilt scoop that gives you all the reasons to put back the spatula in the deepest corner of your kitchen cabinet.
  • A squeegee-edge that offers you a clever way to ‘get-out’ every bit of your delicious smoothie out of the container.
  • Self-standing tamper-base so you don’t have to spend extra buckaroos on buying the Vitamix tamper holder.
  • A drip trench that ensures your kitchen counter remains sparkling clean even when you place the tamper in the self-standing position.
  • Teaspoon and tablespoon measurements that have been ingeniously engraved in the tamper scoop. No need to get your spoons dirty when measuring ingredients like protein powder, honey, and coconut oil.
  • A handle with an in-built 0.75-oz mini-cup that doubles as half the shot-glass. What a way to make precise measurements of tequila, water, and milk.
  • A well-engineered handle that really grips. It won’t slip off your hands even when scooping thick concoctions like almond butter and banana oatmeal.
  • One stick that works in multiple Vitamix blenders. Tamperla comes in three different sizes.
  • It comes in four different colors: blue, black, red, and grey.
  • Can fit other blenders including the Tamperla Short tamper that fits in any Blendtec jar along with most of the generic blender containers out there.
  • Designed and patented in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty!

The 3 Different Sizes of the Tamperla Blender Tamper

To make things easy for you, please go through the brief explanation below to find the right tamper tool for your blender.

Tamperla Classic

The Tamperla Classic tamper is designed to fit the 64-oz classic/standard Vitamix jar. But can work with the 32-oz dry/wet, 40-oz, and 48-oz jars.

Tamperla Low-Profile

The Tamperla Low Profile tamper is designed to fit the 64-oz Low Profile Vitamix jar. Plus the 32-oz dry/wet, 40-oz, and 48-oz jars.

Blender Tamper for Blendtec, Vitamix, Tamperla

Tamperla Short

The Tamperla Short tamper stick is designed for BLENDTEC JARS. Therefore, if you’re looking for a tamper tool for Vitamix consider either of the above two. This short tamper will only fit Blendtec jars and most of the other blender jars that aren’t Vitamix.

NOTE: The Tamperla™ features a double-collar design,  with a secondary-flange that allows for its use with the smaller Vitamix containers.

Getting Your Replacement Tamper from Vitamix

You might still not be 100% convinced to get the Tamperla replacement tamper for Vitamix.

And YES, this is very okay!

The good news is that Vitamix has replacement tampers that you can easily order on Amazon.

TIP: Keep in mind that there are three different Vitamix tampers. These are the Classic, Mini, and Low-Profile. They all come in black colors.

Vitamix Classic Tamper by Vitamix

The Vitamix classic tamper is designed for the tall/narrow 64-oz classic jar. That’s the container that comes with the Vitamix 5200 blender and other similar models.

TIP: The classic tamper can still work with the 48-oz and 32-oz jars since it features a secondary flange.

Vitamix Low-Profile Tamper

The low-profile tamper is designed for the short/wide 64-oz jar that comes with the G-Series blenders. It’s also the ideal tamper for the S-Series 40-oz container.

Vitamix Mini Tamper

It’s the smallest Vitamix tamper. You can use it with the 48-oz and 32-oz Vitamix jars.

Safety Tips to Consider When Vitamix Eats Your Tamper

  1. Double-check to ensure the blades are still sturdy. TIP: Not unless you were blending while concentrating on other stuff and you happened to finish the task without knowing you have toasted the tamper, the blades should remain intact.
  2. Throw-away your delicious smoothie. No matter how wonderful you think you made it taste! No matter how ‘favorite’ the ingredients were, everything goes down the drain. Your health comes first!
  3. Throw-away the shredded tamper. I know! You are currently saying it’s just a small gouge. Just a scratch! But, I’m here to remind you that the inside of the stick is hollow, and just a small hole would make it essentially impossible to keep clean.
Blender Tamper for Blendtec, Vitamix, Tamperla

Hey, the Tamperla love is rapidly spreading out there. Click here to read the awesome experiences that some Vitamix blender enthusiasts are having when using the Tamperla replacement tamper.

Well, that pretty much sums up this Tamperla replacement tamper for the Vitamix blenders. I hope you found it resourceful. Please drop a comment below in case you’re unable to find the right stick for your blender jar.

And thanks for reading this far, some of the links in this guide are affiliate links. When you make purchases using these links, I may earn a referral commission at no extra cost to you. That helps support my work and is heartily appreciated!

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