Vitamix Containers: Compatibility Guide + Replacement Tips

If deciding which Vitamix to buy wasn’t already challenging enough, you’re stuck again while trying to figure out the often confusing web of Vitamix containers!

But tell you what, I’m here to help you out!

In this step-by-step guide, I’ll uncover every little secret of Vitamix container compatibility, from wet to dry, including all styles and sizes from 8-oz to 64-oz.

In the end, you’ll fully understand:

  • Which containers are meant for which Vitamix blender models?
  • Which Vitamix container is best for peanut butter or smoothies or ice cream or dry grains or nut milk?
  • Whether you need an additional Vitamix container or you can make multi-purpose use of what you already have?
  • And the big, often confusing question, whether to get or not to get a dry container?

So, let’s sink right into answers!

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Vitamix Containers Compatibility: Which Container for Which Vitamix Model?

Vitamix containers come in different sizes from the small 8-oz Ascent blending bowl to the 64-oz classic legacy tall container

In this section, I’ll lineup ALL Vitamix containers and explain in the simplest ways possible how they pair up with ALL the Vitamix blenders that are currently available in the market today

And to make things easier for you, I’ll start from the largest 64-oz containers to the smallest 8-oz blending bowl.

TIP: If you’d only like to know whether or not to invest in the Vitamix dry container then skip the next section. Similarly, if you’d only like to learn the difference between the Wet vs Dry container, please skip to the next section.

But before you get into the Vitamix container lineup, let’s answer this frequently asked question: 

Are all Vitamix containers interchangeable? 

The answer is a BIG NO!

In the past, like two to three decades ago, they used to be interchangeable, but today, Vitamix has grouped its blenders into different product lines, and each product line has its compatible containers.

To learn more about Vitamix models and product lines, please click here to read this detailed guide I did about the topic.

But don’t worry, I’ll still briefly mention all these Vitamix models and product lines in this one-stop Vitamix containers guide. So, let’s learn about the Vitamix container lineup!

1. Vitamix 64-oz Classic/Tall Container

Vitamix Containers Compatibility - Blender Tamper

The 64-oz classic legacy tall container can be said to be the living oldest Vitamix container. It features a tall, narrow design with a 3-inch blade.

This container is compatible with all the Vitamix classic blender models (C-Series). They include the Vitamix 5200, TurboBlend Two Speed, Pro 500, CIA Professional Series, Creations Elite, 6000, 6300, 6500, and Pro 200.

TIP: Since the 64-oz classic container is tall, the blenders that use it won’t fit under the standard kitchen cabinets.

2. Vitamix 64-oz Low-Profile Container

The 64-oz low-profile container features a short, wide design with a 4-inch blade.

Vitamix Containers Compatibility - Blender Tamper

This container is compatible with all the Vitamix Next-Generation blenders (G-Series), plus the Vitamix 5300 and Explorian E320 budget models. 

Vitamix G-Series blenders have a larger 2.2-peak horsepower motor that is powerful enough to run the large 4-inch blade container. These models include the popular Vitamix 7500, Pro 300, Pro 750, Pro 780, and the Creations Elite Model

TIP: Since the 64-oz low-profile container is short, the blenders that use it will perfectly fit under the standard kitchen cabinets.

3. Vitamix 64-oz Low-Profile Container with Self-Detect

The 64-oz low profile container with self-detect is exclusively designed for the Vitamix Ascent series product line. But it can also work with the G-Series blenders, although the self-detect features won’t work!

Vitamix Containers Compatibility - Blender Tamper

NOTE: This container should NOT be used on any other blender model apart from those that fall within the Ascent series and G-Series product lines.

Its self-detect technology allows the compatible blenders to detect it so they can auto-adjust to the right blender settings for its size. It comes with a clear lid to help you monitor the progress of your blends from a bird’s eye view.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Ascent series, they are the latest Vitamix models. They include the A2300, A2500, A3300, and the A3500 which is arguably the most powerful Vitamix in the market today and which I highly recommend if you don’t have a Vitamix yet!

These models come with smart technology like touchscreen panels, timer displays, and wireless connectivity with iOS/Android to offer you 17 preset modes and over 500 recipes among other smart system features. 

4. Vitamix 48-oz Container

Vitamix Containers Compatibility - Blender Tamper

The 48-oz container features a 3-inch blade. It comes in either wet or dry variation and is compatible with C-Series, G-Series, and Explorian series Vitamix blenders.

These blenders include Vitamix 5200, TurboBlend Two Speed, Pro 500, CIA Professional Series, 6000, 6300, 6500, Pro 200, 7500, Pro 300, Pro 750, Pro 780, Creations Elite Model, E310, and E320.

The 48-oz wet container is what you’ll get when you buy the budget-friendly Vitamix Explorian E310. It’s the Vitamix I usually recommend for anyone who is living alone (or with just their spouse) and is looking to buy a Vitamix on a budget!

TIP: The Vitamix C-Series, G-Series, and Explorian series are jointly known as the Vitamix Legacy Series blenders! So, next time you hear legacy series Vitamix blenders, you already have a clue!

5. Vitamix 48-oz Container with Self-Detect

TIP: When you see “self-detect”, it tells you this is a container meant for the Vitamix Ascent series smart-system blenders. That’s the A3500, A3300, A2500, and A2300 models

NOTE: The 48-oz container with self-detect works with all full-sized Vitamix blenders but the self-detect features are only available for the smart system Ascent series models.

Vitamix Containers Compatibility - Blender Tamper

Thus, it will also work with, C-Series, G-Series, and Explorian series Vitamix blenders.

  • C-Series blenders include Vitamix 5200, TurboBlend Two Speed, Pro 500, CIA Professional Series, 6000, 6300, 6500, and Pro 200,
  • G-Series blenders include Vitamix 7500, Pro 300, Pro 750, Pro 780, and Creations Elite Model, 
  • Explorian Series blenders include E310 and E320. 

TIP: The 48-oz Container with Self-Detect is available in either WET or DRY GRAINS variations to suit your blending needs. And they feature clear lids so you can monitor your blends from a bird’s eye view!

6. Vitamix 40-oz Wet Container

Vitamix Containers Compatibility - Blender Tamper

The 40-oz container features a compact design with a blade base that screws out. 

This container will ONLY work with the Vitamix S-Series product line blenders. Or simply put, the personal-sized Vitamix blenders that include S30, S50, and S55.

TIP: These space-saving blenders are meant for individuals or families of less than three. I usually recommend them to students, RVers, and anyone with a small/minimalist kitchen.

And they usually come with another 20-oz single-serve blending container that doubles as a travel cup, as we shall see below!

7. Vitamix 32-oz Container

Vitamix Containers Compatibility - Blender Tamper

The 32-oz container features a 3-inch blade, and just like the 48-oz, it comes in either wet or dry variation. And its also compatible with C-Series, G-Series, and Explorian series Vitamix blenders


  • Please refer above to the “48-oz container” section to see the list of all the popular C-Series, G-Series, and Explorian series Vitamix blenders.
  • The 64-oz classic legacy tall, 48-oz wet, and 32-oz wet containers have narrow bases with 3-inch blades and will perfectly work when making single-serving blends. As such, if you already have the 64-oz classic legacy tall container you DON’T NEED the 48-oz or 32-oz WET containers.
  • But you might NEED the 48-oz or 32-oz DRY containers, especially if you like blending dry grains to make powdery flours.
  • However, the 64-oz low-profile containers have wider bases to accommodate their larger 4-inch blades. As such, they are not ideal for making single-serving blends, and you’ll NEED either the 48-oz or 32-oz WET containers to make small, personal servings.
  • I’ve expounded on all the above tips in the section below where I talk about “Wet vs Dry” Vitamix containers. 

8. Vitamix 20-oz Containers

The 20-oz cups come in three different variations, and they all work differently for different Vitamix blender models. Or simply put, they are not interchangeable. Let’s take a look: 

Vitamix Containers Compatibility - Blender Tamper

(a). Vitamix 20-oz To-Go Cup for S-Series Vitamix Blenders

The 20-oz To-Go cup comes with any of the three S-Series models (S30, S50, & S55) and will double as a travel cup with the included flip-top lids. They use the same blade base as the 40-oz containers that come with these blenders.

NOTE: While they look almost similar to the 20-oz cups used for Ascent series blenders, this one is totally different since it lacks the self-detect technology. Please don’t TRY using it with your Ascent series blenders.

(b). Vitamix 20-oz Blending Cup with Self-Detect 

The 20-oz blending cup is exclusively designed for Ascent series blenders. It can be paired with the Vitamix Ascent series blending cup starter kit to help you create single-serve recipes. 

And just like the To-Go cup, this container also doubles as a travel cup with the included spill-proof lid. 

TIP: To enjoy its full benefits I recommend getting the Vitamix Ascent Series blending cup starter kit that includes two 20-oz blending cups with self-detect, two spill-proof lids, and a blade base

(c). Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter

Vitamix noticed that most people with the legacy series blenders loved the idea behind the 20-oz single-serve cups that came with the S-Series and Ascent Series blenders. 

However, there was a problem! These cups weren’t designed to work with legacy series blenders. And, therefore, Vitamix went back to the drawing board!

The result was the Vitamix personal cup adapter. It’s exclusively designed to work with the legacy series blenders that include classic models, next-generation models, and the explorian models.

TIP: Refer above on the “48-oz container” to learn all the popular Vitamix legacy-series models.

The personal adapter cup comes with two dual-purpose 20-oz containers that allow you to make single-serve blends and slip the spill-proof lids to turn them into travel cups. 


  • All three variations of the 20-oz cups and their lids are dishwasher safe, and they are very popular for making vegetable and fruit smoothies.
  • And it also does a magnificent job when blending nut milk. If you live a daily-free lifestyle, either due to lactose, vegan, or other personal choices, you will find this container really handy!
  • If you have a legacy series Vitamix, I recommend getting the Vitamix personal cup adapter kit. It’ll positively transform your entire blending experience!

9. Vitamix 8-Oz Blending Bowl with Self-Detect

Vitamix Containers Compatibility - Blender Tamper

The 8-oz blend bowl features self-detect technology that allows it to exclusively work with the Ascent series blenders.

NOTE: This container will NOT work with any other Vitamix blenders apart from A3500, A3300, A2500, and A2300.

When paired with the blending bowl starter kit this tiny container allows you to create small portions of your favorite meals.

You’ll find it especially useful when making healthy baby food, quick powdered sugar, and single-serve salsa, plus chopping ingredients like garlic and onion.

Vitamix has made the bowls available as a kit with two 8-oz blending bowls and two stackable lids which are very convenient for your blend-and-store needs.

TIP: I recommend getting the Vitamix Ascent series blending bowl starter kit that includes a blade base so you can enjoy the full benefits of the 8-oz blending bowls.

10. The Vitamix Aer Disc Container

Last on the list is the Aer disc container, which is Vitamix’s latest accessory container.

This 48-oz container is compatible with all full-size Vitamix machines. That includes all the C-Series, G-Series, Explorian Series, and Ascent series blender models. 

It features an innovative, circular disc with holes called the Aer disc. And is designed to do a lot of things that cannot be done with the standard Vitamix containers. 

With it, you can make delicious non-blended drinks like strawberry-mango fog, coffee fog, a last-minute lemonade, as well as drips for french fries and whipped creams for parfaits.

The Aer disc works in different techniques including whipping, foaming, muddling, and emulsifying to deliver wonderful results!

Vitamix Containers: Wet vs Dry?

The wet blade Vitamix containers have equally-shaped pointed blades designed to make wet recipes like fruit smoothies, veggie smoothies, smoothie bowls, hot soups, frozen desserts, salad dresses, frozen drinks, nut butter and so much more.

TIP: When you buy a Vitamix blender it comes with one of the wet containers. And that’s because Vitamix understands a majority of your recipes need the wet blade container.

On the other hand, the dry blade Vitamix containers have two flat blades and two triangular blades cut off at the tips

Dry containers are designed to make dry recipes from grains such as making home-ground cornmeal from popcorn which can be great for preparing cornbread among other homemade recipes.

Dry containers come in 32-oz and 48-oz. Both do an excellent job when making dry recipes and the size you choose depends on the recipes you intend to make. 

Vitamix Containers Compatibility - Blender Tamper

But it’s good to note that the 48-oz dry container has a wider upper region which can be great when kneading bread dough. For example when creating bread from wheat berries.

Can You Use the Wet Container to Grind Dry Grains?

I understand where you come from with this question. You already have the wet container that came with your Vitamix and you’re wondering whether there is any NEED to invest in the dry container. 

So, let’s settle this!

The short answer is YES! You can use the wet container to grind dry grains.

But hey happy face 🙂 before you use your WET container to mill those grains into flour, please read further!

You should always consider using the dry container for grinding dry grains because:

  1. The wet blade container creates a vortex that pulls the ingredients down towards the blades which creates a liquid effect. That’s why your green veggie and fruit smoothie always start liquifying from the bottom up then smoothens to consistency. 
  2. However, the dry blade does the opposite by pushing the grains away from the blades to create a powdery effect. This makes it ideal for milling spices and making flours from grains. If you’re an avid baker, I would recommend getting the dry container for the best quality homemade flour.

Having made these two points, you can still use the wet container to grind dry grains. Especially if you’re just trying a recipe and you don’t do this often! Then there is no point in investing in a dry container you’ll only use once or thrice a year.

What is the Different Between the 32-oz, 48-oz, and 64-oz Wet Containers?

You’re probably wondering if there is any difference in the blend quality or performance depending on which container comes with your Vitamix, or the container you choose to get.

And to clear out any doubt, there is no difference in the blend quality and/or performance. All the Vitamix containers are ingeniously designed to help you get smooth, consistent blends

Their ONLY difference is size and style

The larger 64-oz wet containers are ideal for blending medium to large batches. These are especially useful for large families or making your blends in large batches for storage.

The smaller 32-oz and mid-sized 48-oz are ideal for blending small to medium batches. They are the best for personal and small family blending needs.

What About the Different Styles of 64-oz Containers? 

Well, let’s take a look!

Depending on which Vitamix you buy with the 64-oz container, it’s going to come with one of these three variation styles:

1. Vitamix 64-oz Wet Classic Tall Container

C-Series models will come with the 64-oz wet classic tall container. 

These models include the affordable and popular Vitamix 5200, the minimalist traditional-styled Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed, and the green smoothie enthusiasts’ favorite Vitamix Pro 500.

TIP: The main advantage of the 64-oz classic tall container is the narrow design that allows it to blend small single-servings to large family batches. That might be the reason why the Vitamix 5200 that comes with this container is widely used in most homes! 

2. Vitamix 64-oz Low-Profile Container

G-Series models will come with a 64-oz low-profile container. 

These models include the families’ favorite Vitamix 7500, the pre-programmed Professional Series 750, the touchscreen-enabled Vitamix 780, and the Professional Series 300. 

It’s also the container you get when you buy the Vitamix 5300 and Explorian E320 affordable Vitamix models.

3. Vitamix 64-oz Low-Profile Self-Detect Ascent Container

Ascent Series models will come with the 64-oz low-profile self-detect Ascent container. 

That includes A2300, A2500, A3300, and the Vitamix A3500 which is arguably the most powerful modernized blender Vitamix has ever made!

The 64-oz low-profile Ascent containers feature self-detect capabilities and are exclusively designed for only the four Ascent series blenders. But it will still work with the G-Series blenders, only that you won’t be able to use its self-detect capabilities!


  1. The low-profile containers are shorter and thus allows the blenders that use them to fit easily under most kitchen cabinets.
  2. The low-profile containers are also wider and do an awesome job when working as “food processors”, especially when making protein bars and similar recipes.

Vitamix 32-oz Wet, 40-oz Wet, & 48-oz Wet Containers Recap!

Vitamix 32-oz Wet Container: The 32-oz wet container is only available as an accessory container. That means, it can only be purchased separately or with the Vitamix models that come as a package. This small, wet container is ideal for making small, single-serve (of double) blends.

Vitamix 40-oz Wet Container: It’s the wet container you get when you buy one of the three Vitamix personal blenders (S-Series). Each of the S-Series blenders (S30, S50, & S55) comes with two Vitamix containers. That’s the 40-oz wet jar and a 20-oz blending cup. These containers will ONLY work with S-Series blenders!

Vitamix 48-oz Wet Container: It’s the wet container you get when you buy the Explorian E310 budget-priced Vitamix. This blender and container make a perfect combination for small families or individuals who want an affordable powerful blender to blend small to medium amounts.

You can also purchase the 48-oz wet container separately. It’s available in two variations. That’s the 48-oz wet container for legacy series models or the 48-oz wet container with self-detect for Ascent series models. 

Which Accessory Vitamix Containers Should I Get?

This is a question that might trouble you if you bought your Vitamix with one of the three large 64-oz wet containers. 

And in most cases, you’re in the process of deciding which smaller container you should get so you can enjoy blending smaller recipes. 

Save-Your-Dollar Tips

  1. In case you already have the 64-oz classic tall wet container, you DON’T NEED another wet container. That’s because the base of this container is of the same size as the 48-oz wet and 32-oz wet containers. They all have a 3-inch blade and only differ in height. So, you can perfectly make single-serve blends in any of these!
  2. The above can’t be said with the 64-oz low-profile wet containers since they have larger 4-inch blades. This results in a wider base and hence their wide, short design that is NOT IDEAL for making single-servings blends. As such, you will need to invest in either the 48-oz wet or 32-oz wet containers to make smaller single-serving blends.
  3. When buying the 48-oz wet or dry containers always keep in mind that they come in two variations. That’s the standard 48-oz containers for Vitamix legacy series blenders. And the 48-oz containers with self-detect for Vitamix Ascent series blenders.
  4. If you are a smoothie enthusiast, then I recommend investing in the 20-oz blending cups. If you’re a legacy series Vitamix owner, I recommend getting the personal adapter cup. But Ascent Series Vitamix owners should get the Vitamix 20-oz ascent series blending cup starter kit!
  5. If you enjoy making dry grains recipes or milling/grinding spices, then I recommend investing in either the 32-oz or 48-oz dry Vitamix containers if you’re a Vitamix legacy series owner. And for Ascent series owners, you should get the 48-oz dry container with self-detect.

TIP: In case you’re using one of the S-Series personal blenders, then you DON’T NEED any other Vitamix containers. These models come with the two containers that you’ll need for both wet and, at times, dry blending needs!

Vitamix 8-oz Bowl Compatibility With the Personal Adapter Cup!

You may notice in most Vitamix enthusiasts forums that some people claim the 8-oz Ascent series bowl is compatible with the personal adapter cup.

And while it’s true this bowl nicely screws inside the adapter cup, you should AVOID trying this, since it can result in serious damage. And once that happens you may end up voiding your warranty.

At the time of this writing, the 8-oz blending bowl is exclusively designed for Ascent series blenders. But I’ll update here if and when Vitamix designs such bowls for legacy series and S-Series blenders. 

Vitamix Containers: Answers to FAQs

I noticed that some Vitamix users have been asking the following questions about Vitamix containers. And for the benefit of other Vitamix enthusiasts, I’ve offered my brief answers below:

Do all Vitamix containers fit all models?

No! Different Vitamix containers are designed for different Vitamix models. And to best understand what container fits your Vitamix, you’ll need to understand how Vitamix groups its blender models.

Vitamix groups its blenders in 5 different product lines. These are S-Series, C-Series, Explorian series, G-Series, and Ascent series. But the C-Series, G-Series, and Explorian series are jointly known as Legacy Series.

S-Series containers are exclusively designed for S-Series blenders and WON’T work with any other blender models. S-Series represent the Vitamix personal blenders product line that comes with 40-oz and 20-oz containers.

Ascent series containers have self-detect technology to work with the Vitamix Ascent series blenders product line. These are A3500, A3300, A2500, and A2300 blender models. These smart system blenders have modernized features like wireless connectivity and touchscreen controls.

Legacy series blenders represent the standard Vitamix blender models that will work with all the other containers out there. However, C-Series blenders won’t work with the 64-oz low-profile containers

To best understand the container you need for your Vitamix, please refer above to the “Vitamix Containers Compatibility” section of this guide!

Is there a Vitamix with a glass container?

All Vitamix containers are made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan Copolyester, which is essentially rock-solid FDA-approved food-grade plastic. 

There are NO glass containers for Vitamix blenders!

And there are worthy reasons not to make glass jars for such powerful, high-speed blenders. The main one is safety concerns.

For example, when you accidentally drop a metallic spoon inside a glass container when the blender is running, the risk of it shattering and causing you physical harm is high!

NOTE: And for the benefit of anyone who might ask there is a NEW Vitamix stainless steel container, it was launched just a few months ago…

Which Vitamix container is best for smoothies?

ALL Vitamix containers (wet) will do a wonderful job when making smoothies. Whether you love fruits or veggie smoothies, getting a Vitamix will give you smooth, consistent blends!

I have noticed some people claim that the 64-oz low-profile containers make the best smoothies. Well, it might be because they have larger 4-inch blades and that blends the fruits and veggies faster into consistency. 

But regardless of your container size, whether 20-oz, or 32-oz, or 40-oz, or 48-oz, or 64-oz, all Vitamix WET containers are designed with smoothie enthusiasts in mind!

And for the best smoothie blending experience, I recommend getting the Tamperla Vitamix tamper. Click here to learn more about this blender stick that does 12 useful functions when making smoothies!

Do I need a Vitamix dry container?

You do DON’T NEED the Vitamix dry container! But it’s a nice add-on to your Vitamix blender accessories.

The DRY container is designed for grinding dry grains into powder. And unless you frequently NEED to grind grains or mill spices, then you don’t necessarily need it.

TIP: You don’t need the dry container to make doughs. You can make doughs in Vitamix wet containers!

Do Vitamix blades get dull?

Vitamix blades are actually dull on new units. That’s since, Vitamix works by pulverizing the ingredients, and not cutting as most people assume. And the blender-blades will keep up with their fine job even after a decade use continuous use!

TIP: The Ninja Ultima blender is a classic example of blenders that use sharp blades to slice the ingredients. This can be an affordable Vitamix alternative especially if you’re a smoothie enthusiast on a budget!

Can you use a Vitamix as a food processor?

YES! You can use your Vitamix blender as a food processor to make baby food, bread crumbs, hot soups, doughs, frozen desserts, butter, sauces, and so much more!

TIP: Did you know Vitamix recently launched a food processor attachment that works with the Vitamix Ascent series blenders – A3500, A3300, A2500, & A2300? And I would say it’s now the best food processor out there. If you own a Vitamix ascent series blender, I would recommend getting it!

Are all Vitamix containers BPA free?

Absolutely YES! All Vitamix containers are made with Eastman Tritan copolyester which does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA). 

Is Vitamix plastic safe?

Absolutely YES! It’s made of food-grade plastic which is not only safe for your health but also great for your physical safety concerns.

What is self detect Vitamix?

The SELF-DETECT™ technology allows the blender to precisely know which container is placed on it so it can automatically adjust the blend settings accordingly. This technology ONLY works with the Ascent series blenders.

The 20-oz Container is Not Working on my Ascent Series Blender?

Please refer to the instruction manual that came with the containers on how to properly align the blade base on the container. Also, you’ll notice two silver bars on the front side of the container. These bars wirelessly connect to the blade base. 

TIP: You’ll also notice two arrows on the blade base, you’ll need to match them with the arrow on the container and then tighten them to stay within the silver bars area.

Vitamix Containers: Final Thoughts!

Unless its a replacement Vitamix container, if you are wondering which container to buy, start by understanding your blender model product line.

As mentioned in different parts of this guide, Vitamix groups its blender models in five different product lines. These are S-Series, C-Series, G-Series, Explorian series, and Ascent series

Jointly, the C-Series, G-Series, and Explorian series blenders are known as Legacy Series Vitamix blenders.

S-Series represent the Vitamix personal blenders product line. There are three blender models in this category: S30, S50, and S55. They all come with two containers, a 40-oz container, and a 20-oz blending cup. 

These S-Series containers use the same blade-base and they are exclusively designed for the S-Series blenders.

Ascent series represent the modernized, smart system Vitamix product line. There are four blender models in this category: A3500, A3300, A2500, and A2300. They use containers with self-detect technology. 

Self-detect containers for Ascent series blenders are available in 64-oz wet, 48-oz wet, 48-oz dry grains, 20-oz blending cups, and 8-oz blending bowls. 

Legacy series blenders use the standard Vitamix containers. But the 64-oz low-profile container won’t work effectively on C-Series blenders since it has a large 4-inch blade for the less powerful 2.0-peak horsepower motors!

That said, if you have not yet purchased a Vitamix blender please click here to redirect to the in-depth guide where I answer the question: Which Vitamix to buy!

And thanks for reading this far, some of the links in this post are affiliate links. When you make purchases using these links, I may earn a referral commission at no extra cost to you. That helps support my work and I’ll heartily appreciate it!

To learn more about today’s blenders, tampers, and container deals, click here to redirect to the blender tampers deal’s page!

I hope you found this guide resourceful in answering your questions about Vitamix containers compatibility and other replacement FAQs/tips!

In case of any question, comment, or a need for clarification, please drop your comment below and I’ll offer my assistance as soon as possible.

And that sums just about everything,

Cheers, Peter!

35 thoughts on “Vitamix Containers: Compatibility Guide + Replacement Tips”

  1. My wet container has cracks and is leaking. I can’t find the info that says which Vitamix I have; it says model VMO103 on the back, I’ve had it a long time, and the container is the tall one. There’s a dry container too, that I’ve never used. Can I use it for the wet pureeing that I do? A new replacement seems to be prohibitive for an old machine.

    • Hi Melanie, so sorry I took “forever” to reply! I hope you got help somewhere else on this one. But if you didn’t, the model VMO103 is the Vitamix 5200. So, it should perfectly work with either this 64-oz Classic Legacy Tall Container or this 48-oz Wet Container.

      NOTE: The dry container is designed to push ingredients upwards, that’s why it achieves a powdery fineness when grinding corn to make cornmeal. On the other hand, the wet container pushes the ingredients downwards, that why it’s the best for smoothies, purees, etc. So, if possible I would suggest you get a wet container. That’s if you haven’t gotten one already. I hope this helps, thanks!

  2. I don’t see my vitamix listed, and I need to replace the container. It is a creations elite/VS/48oz/120V, serial #001 7941 30613127561 The date on my machine is 6/10/2013, and it works great. My son, however, tried to make a smoothie with a spoon in it and it blew through the container. Help? Is a replacement available for one this old? The series listed all seem newer. Thanks!

  3. I have the Vitamix pro750 and recently ordered the Vitamix food processor, only to learn that they are not compatible. Any suggestions as to what I should do.

    • Hi Sharon, unfortunately, the new Vitamix food processor only works with the Vitamix Ascent or Venturist series blenders. So, I would advise you to return it if it’s still possible.

  4. Hi, Peter. I am looking for a replacement lid for my Vitamix Ascent. I cannot find them anywhere. Is there another blender container lid that would fit the Ascent? Thank you so much for your expertise. 🙂

    • Hi Krista, I too tried to search for the Vitamix Ascent Series Replacement lid for the 64-oz jar and I can only find this: “”. I see they have good customer satisfaction and the lids are new, kindly check them!

  5. Hi Peter,
    I have a Creations Elite with 48oz container (from 2013). I noticed some liquid coming from the blade assembly. I ordered a new blade from Vitamix (via Amazon) but the assembly isn’t the right size. It fits in the container well but once tightened the container doesn’t reach the drive socket. I noticed that the new assembly only had about 3-4 layers of threading. My failing blade assembly says STM102R (wet) and its a 3 inch blade. It has 7-8 layers of threading.

    Do you know what modern blade assembly will fit my Creations Elite?

    • Hi Deke, sorry for taking forever to respond! Did you manage to find a solution for your blender container blade? If not, my best suggestion would be to send it to the Vitamix Service Center. That way, you’ll get the best help hand-on!

  6. Extremely helpful website!!! Thank you so much for putting this together. I couldn’t find what series my Vitamix belonged to by looking at the Vitamix site, but you explained it all here. Cheers!

  7. Hi Peter, I have the original ancient Vitamix super 3600 with stainless container. The container leaks at the blades underneath. I know I can not buy parts, but was wondering if I could interchange a newer container? Thoughts? The base works great!! Thanks

  8. Hi Peter,

    Thank you for the great compatibility write-out. I have an A3500 – 220V that came with a wet container. Will I be able to use all “Self Detect” labeled accessories?

    Is there a different version of the A3500 – 110V and A3500 – 200V smart accessories?
    e.g Blending Cup and Bowl Starter Kit or the Dry blade container?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Raymond,

      I appreciate that you found this post resourceful!

      Unfortunately, the 20-oz blending cup and 8-oz blending bowl starter kits that are available in the US, Canada, and Mexico (110v-120v) are NOT compatible with the 220v-240v A3500i blenders that are manufactured for the international market (mainly Europe and Australia). That’s including the dry blade container!

      But I recommend checking either on or if you’re using your Vitamix in either Europe or Australia, or territory using the 220v/240v power supply. The self-detect containers listed on these sites are meant to be compatible with the 220v-240v Vitamix Ascent series blenders – these with an “i” at the end!

      For example, the Vitamix A3500 is meant for the North American market with 110v/120v, and your is A3500i which is meant for the International market – Europe, Australia, etc!.

      I hope that helps!

  9. Hi Peter,

    I have a pro 300’series that I’ve been using happily with the Low profile 64oz container. However I recently came across a newish 2nd 64oz smart detect container that was going for cheap (as the self detect function didn’t work) so I purchased it as my current 64oz was getting cloudy as I read above that smart detect containers would work with legacy g series models. Sadly, when it arrived it could not fit onto my base. I tried to push the container down but it seems to small for the vitamix pro 300 base and hence couldn’t go down all the way for the silver metal bit to go into the groove in the base. Any idea why?

    When I compared the bottom of both my rubber lid 64oz jar and the smart detect 64oz one it looks different. The rubber one has a round black rubber bit and wavy plastic sides. The smart detect one has a hexagon black rubber bit and rounded square sides.

    Tried to attach a photo here to better illustrate what I’m trying to describe but unfortunately couldn’t.

    Would you be able to help please? Thanks much

    • Hi Claire, did you manage to get assistance with this question? Because I suspect the container you got “Smart Detect 64-oz” is an after-market version of the original Vitamix 64-oz Smart-Detect Container. An original smart-detect container from Vitamix should FIT and WORK any G-Series blender including Pro 300.

      I’d appreciate it if you can share the images via email [email protected] maybe with a closer look, I might offer better assistance. Thanks!

  10. I need a dry-blade pitcher for my VM0158 which I think is a Pro 750? Are there gry blade pitcher for this model and what are they?

    • Hi Marc, sorry I took forever to reply to your inquiry.

      First things first, VM0158 is actually the Vitamix 7500, NOT the Pro 750.

      Yes, there is a dry blade pitcher for the 7500.

      I recommend getting this 32-oz Dry Blade Jar.

      I hope this helps, that’s if you hadn’t had this settled already.


  11. Yes my daughter has the Venturist Vitamix from Costco and she needs to get a replacement wet container. Which one would fit the Venturist model? Thanks

  12. Hello
    I am in need of blade and retainer nut for Vita Mix 5000 Eastman Titan 32 oz container.
    I can buy wet blades for Vita Mix 5200 and would like to know if this will fit in the container I have. I have had this container for few years and for got about it. Tall 64 oz does not fit under the counter so Would like to assemble the 32 oz one.

    • Hi Madhu, I’m not sure whether the blades will fit in the container. So, I would highly recommend calling Vitamix Tech Support, or customer service. They should be able to help you with the best solution. I hope this helps!

  13. Hi
    I am in Australia and I have a accent series 2300i I just purchased the aer container from Amazon Australia it was shipped from a Australian distributor not from the US
    But my blender does not recognise it and therefore will not work
    This container was advertised as being compatible with all full sized blenders and as it was shipped from here I assumed it would work
    Do you have any suggestions
    Before I send it back my daughter has a explorian also bought here will it be suitable for this blender
    Kind regards

    • Hi Sharon,

      Did you ever get any assistance on this?

      Well, given that you got the Aer container from an Australian distributor, then it should be recognized by the A2300i. I’d have recommended you first check it with the distributor.

      Nonetheless, it should perfectly work with the Explorian!


  14. Thank you for your in-depth report on the Vitamix series. I have a very old Vitamix 5000 that I need to replace the classic container on. Will the classic container that fits the 5200 model also work on my model? Thank you!


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