Vitamix 5200 vs E310: What You Need To Know In 2022!

When it comes to the best blender models, the Vitamix is the king! And the Vitamix 5200 and E320 are among the best sellers for this brand.

Thanks for their inexpensive pricing and great features sets for the best blending experience. They can handle all sorts of recipes from smoothies to nut butter with exceptional ease.

That said, if you want a blender that is best for family-size batches and recipes, then the Vitamix 5200 is your ideal pick. 

But if you live alone or a family of two, and you only need a blender for personal-size recipes, then the Vitamix E310 is your right fit!

My Best Vitamix Recommendation: If you have some extra bucks I recommend you get the Vitamix A3500. It is the top-rated Vitamix and perhaps the overall best blender on the market as we speak!

In this review, I have done an in-depth analysis for you so that you can have an easy time making the selection between the 5200 and E310. I’ve also given my valid reasons why and when one model is much better than the other!

So let’s delve into this!

What is the Difference Between the Vitamix E310 and the 5200?

  • The E310 has a 48-oz container which is large enough for small-size recipes while the 5200 has a 64-oz container that is ideal for large/family size recipes.
  • The E310 comes with a 5-year warranty while the 5200 comes with a 7-year warranty of assured performance and dependability. 
  • The E310 comes with a pulse feature while the 5200 comes lacks the pulse feature but has a high-speed switch. Yet, they both provide better control with foods of different textures.
  • The E310 is slightly cheaper than the 5200.
  • The E310 is slightly heavier than the 5200 but is still easy to move around the counter and storage cabinets. 
  • The E310 features a large base area for stability on the working area than the 5200 which is slightly smaller.

What are the Similarities Between the Vitamix E310 and the 5200?

Appearance or Design

Both blenders are alike in physical appearance. This classic look represents the brand’s commitment to quality and consistency. Their blades are identical in diameters for consistent and quality results without bending or rusting.

Power and Speed

Both of them have a 2.0 horsepower motor at the core for efficiency. They also have the same maximum speed.

Ease of Cleaning

Both of these models have self-clean functionality that is quick and effortless. So you can spare some minutes for something else rather than cleaning your blender. It is amazing to see that no disassembly is required to get it clean.


Both series features a professional-grade construction that is engineered to last. This premium construction explains why they come with a longer warranty than other alternatives on the market.

When it comes to the blades they are all hardened stainless steel, so there’s no worry about rust. Moreover, you can comfortably blend tough ingredients without damaging your machine.

You don’t experience overheating problems with these blenders, thanks to the automatic protection microprocessor that cools the motor.


Both of these Vitamix series come with tampers to remove air pockets in your blend. As a result, you get a smooth texture in minutes from all your blends. Imagine you don’t have to stop your blender to scrape the sides.

Recipe Book

The presence of a new appliance in your kitchen is by itself a temptation to try out a variety of new recipes. Luckily, all these Vitamix series come with their cookbooks filled with recipes. 

The most amazing thing is that these recipes are all compatible with the blender. So if you are a beginner in cooking with any of these series from Vitamix you got a great companion.

Vitamix 5200 vs E310: Blender Base & Motor Comparison

While both blenders come with a large base, the Vitamix 5200 is slightly smaller in terms of the space it occupies. The E310 base area measures 11” x 8” while the 5200 measures 8.75” x 7.25”.

The advantage here is that it is very convenient to use your 5200 blenders on a small kitchen counter. Although the difference might not even be noticeable.

Motor Power

The 5200 runs with a motor close to 2.0 horsepower, while the E310 runs at a horsepower slightly above this. What this means is that the E310 will work faster than the 5200.

Another good thing is the high-performance motor of the E310 creates blade friction which yields a heating effect. So you’ll have your cold smoothie or soup warm or hot in a few minutes.

Blender Controls

Both of them don’t have automatic touch controls so you blend using only the physical controls. The good thing with this is that it is user-friendly even if you are the analog generation like me. Hey boomers!

However, the E310 features an extra setting that earns it more scores than its competitor. It is interesting to see that it has a pulse feature for producing extra bursts of power when blending different-textured ingredients. 

The speed knob allows you to reach maximum speed faster. Because the 5200 series lacks the pulse feature, then it means you’ll use the high-speed switch which is less convenient.

Variable Speed Control

Although all Vitamix blenders stand out in the market because of their superior user interface. We cannot be through with this review until we see how the speed settings of these two models compare. 

Both models have a variable 10-speed knob so you can change it to full control and back at any point of the process. Usually, you will mostly be blending your ingredients at speed 5 to 10, and not the lowest settings!


The 5200 is noisier at the highest setting. But I don’t think you’ll get there because the power at median settings is significant enough to blend your ingredients.

Yet, despite the little noise at full speed, I still think the 5200 blender does a great job at performance. 

The E310 is significantly quieter than the 5200. Thanks to its slightly higher horsepower which guarantees best results without going to full throttle speed.

Vitamix 5200 vs E310 Blender Base and Motor Comparison Chart

 Vitamix 5200Vitamix E310
Product LineC-SeriesExplorian Series
Power cord6-Feet4.5-Feet
Wattage1,200 Watts1,400 Watts
Motor CoolingRadial Cooling FanRadial Cooling Fan
Noise InsulationNoYes
Variable Speed Dial10-Speed10-Speed
Pulse SwitchHigh-Speed switchYes
Height (with jar)20.5”17.25”
Weight13.0 lb11.5 lb
Thermal ProtectionYesYes
Available ColorsBlack, Red, & WhiteBlack, Red, & Slate
PriceCheck Price Check Price

Vitamix 5200 vs E310: Container & Blades Comparison

Because each of these models is tailor-made for the best performance. Their container sizes differ. The Vitamix 5200 comes with a 64-oz plastic classic tall container which is ideal for large batches or family-size recipes. 

On the other hand, the Vitamix E310 comes with a 48-oz container which is ideal for small batches or single recipes. 

The 64-oz classic tall container has a long, narrow design that is slightly longer so it may not fit comfortably in your standard kitchen cabinet. Therefore, you may need to store the jar and the base separately, and you know what this means to your limited kitchen space.

But the advantage of the tall, narrow design is that it can be used to prepare small to large batches of different recipes and meals. You can use it for personal-size smoothie recipes to family-size salad dressing recipes. 

Blades Comparison

When it comes to the size and construction of the blades, there’s little to compare. Both blades are 3 inches in diameter for consistent and quality results. Again, they both employ the same technology and material. 

Their hardened stainless steel construction ensures efficiency regardless of the texture. And the best thing about these blades is that they are rust-free, well stainless steel!

Vitamix 5200 vs E310 Container and Blades Comparison Chart 

 Vitamix 5200Vitamix E310
Container Size64-oz Classic Tall48-oz Low Profile
Blade Size3-inch3-inch
Dishwasher SafeNoNo
Includes TamperYesYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Vitamix 5200 vs E310: FAQs and Answers

Is the Vitamix E310 Worth It?

Yes, it is worth your money if you need a powerful yet quieter blender. The E310 with the 48-oz container has a low profile design, and therefore, is convenient for storage. 

It’s also budget-friendly, so you won’t dig much into your bank. And coming with a 5-year warranty you can be sure it is made to last!

Is the Vitamix E310 Too Small?

No, although it comes with a 48-oz jar, the container is still large enough to serve all your blending needs. And you can always get a large 64-oz low-profile jar separately in the future which is ideal for medium to large batches. 

Does Vitamix Still Make the 5200?

Yes, the 5200 models are produced for customers looking for an affordable and easy-to-use Vitamix that can make a family-size recipe in a single run. But if you live alone, then I recommend you get the E310. 

Does Vitamix E310 Make Hot Soup? 

Yes, because the blades reach high speeds fast enough to create friction heat. This friction heating can bring your cold meal to serving temperature in a few minutes.

Can the Vitamix E310 Crush Ice?

Yes, it is designed with lovers of frozen treats in mind. With its power, it will crush the ice in seconds for you to enjoy your ice cream.

Can Vitamix E310 Make Nut Butter?

Yes, actually this has never been easier than with this blender. It works even with coffee beans in minutes!

What is the Difference Between the Vitamix E310 and E320?

The main difference is the jar. The E320 comes in a 64-oz low profile jar while the E310 has a 48-oz jar.

Is Vitamix E310 Loud?

No, it is way quieter than the 5200 even at the high-speed setting.

Why Vitamix 5200 is the Best?

It is the best for large families who want a reliable and easy-to-use but affordable Vitamix. So if your family is small or you are single, then I recommend getting the E310.

Is Vitamix 5200 BPA-Free?

Yes, this means it is both hygienic and healthy. Well, like all the other Vitamix containers in the market!

Vitamix 5200 vs E310: Which Do I Recommend & Why!

Having walked you through this long journey, I know you still need my final word about the Vitamix 5200 vs E310 decision. As I’ve already shown, I recommend the 5200 if you need something to prepare large batches of recipes

However, if you are single or your family is small, then I recommend you get yourself the E310. All said both of them are highly versatile and durable blenders that will never disappoint. 

No matter the recipe these are beasts and will churn out fine results. Remember, both the 5200 and E310 are inexpensive, so you won’t break your bank to acquire any of them. 

All the same, the all-around best Vitamix winner in the market this year is the A3500. So if you have the money I recommend you pick it for it has been tested and approved. And it’s also future-proofed!

But before you close the page, please be kind to leave a comment or tips or any question below. Thank you and welcome again!

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