Best Blendtec Blender Review in 2019 – 20% OFF Blendtec Tamper!

It’s pretty easy to find your Best Blendtec Blender!

An ideal Blendtec that will meet all your blending needs. Whether it’s making silky smooth smoothies or creamy nut butter!

Such a task is as overwhelming as it gets when buying a Vitamix blender!

Vitamix reigns the world of premium kitchen blenders. In market share and production! In models and product lines!

As you absorb that…!

Blendtec has been it’s undisputed competitor in designing and manufacturing powerful blenders.

The Blendtec Professional 800 model currently stands as the most powerful. Most versatile! And quietest home blender in the world!

Best Blendtec Blender Review

Not even Vitamix has managed to design such a BEAST of blenders!

In the Blendtec world, there are only a few models. It’s the reason why it becomes pretty easy to decide on your best Blendtec blender.

Needless to say, any Blendtec blender jar will fit any of the Blendtec blender models. That can’t be said in the case of Vitamix Blenders!

Some Vitamix product lines and models have their specific jars. For example, the Vitamix Ascent Series feature high-tech modern jars with connectivity capabilities.

In the past, Vitamix Classic blenders dominated the market share of users who wanted high-end blenders with simple intuitive controls.

Blendtec appealed the lot that wanted blenders with fancier options like cycle counters and blending settings!

Best Blendtec Blender Review

But that is the past!

Today, the Blendtec Fit Blender has come to the rescue of those who need a minimalistic premium Blendtec Blender with simplified controls!

It is also the best Blendtec blender for a family that wants a versatile blender but without the tech frills!

Older Vitamix blenders were tall and couldn’t fit under the standard kitchen cabinets.

Thus, those who had storage concerns went for a Blendtec!

Why Buy a Blendtec Blender?

You may be wondering why you need to spend over $300 for a Blendtec blender!

Not when you can get budget blenders that will cost you less than $50.

Are they worth it?

YES! Blendtec and TOP NOTCH PERFORMANCE are synonymous!

A Blendtec blender is an appliance built for power, performance, versatility, and durability!

This might be the reason why this brand dominates the kitchens of professional athletes and fitness junkies!

Best Blendtec Blender Review

Blendtec blenders are known for their smoothie making abilities!

Their motor horsepower is second to none!

The machine can handle most of the cooking enthusiasts blending needs. Like preparing dough, sauces, purees, and making the smoothest cold and hot soups!

Most of the Blendtec blender aficionados repeatedly claim that their machines have served them for over a decade. While maintaining their performance and motor power!

You would never get such benefits from a budget blender. Hence, Blendtec blenders are not only worth their price, but also a space on your kitchen counter!

But Which Blendtec Should I Buy?

Anyone on the look for a high-end blender and has finally settled for Blendtec will ask themselves this question!

The GOOD NEWS: It’s very easy to buy a Blendtec blender than Vitamix! Than any other brand!

Blendtec has less than a dozen different models, 5 blending jars, and 18 colors that you can choose from!

In the Vitamix Blender Buying Guide, you will notice that Vitamix has dozens of models. Not to mention the many jars (some are blender model-line specific). And even the list of colors to choose from!

Best Blendtec Blender Review

When getting a Blendtec blender, the first question to consider is what you intend to do with the blender!

You can list all the needs. Like making smoothies, making nutritious homemade baby food, soups, and so on!

Remember, Blendtec can turn raw celery hearts into celery soup and also make ice cream! That’s a power you will never get from a budget blender! You may end up burning their cheap motors!

The Blendtec Blender Series Organization

Blendtec blenders are organized in series that feature different models.

At the moment, Blendtec features three different series models:

  • Classic
  • Designer
  • Pro Series

In the past, there were the Signature Series and Total Blender models. But they have since been discontinued.

Best Blendtec Blender Review

Blendtec sells the discontinued models as refurbished. You may also find the old stock of such models in one of the Blendtec authorized retailers.

The Blendtec Total Blender models launched Blendtec blenders to the top of competition among the best kitchen blenders!

When it comes to the present models, the main difference between the Designer and Classic series is in their housing design, motor technology, and interface control panel.

However, the Pro Series takes your blending experience to the highest level. Thanks to its added features that aren’t found in all the other blender series.

Best Blendtec Blender Review

1. Blendtec Classic Series

Classic Blendtec blenders are built upon the discontinued Signature Series base.

They include the Blendtec 575 (An All-In-One blending powerhouse), 570 (limited in distribution), and the Blendtec Fit (which is the streamlined and most affordable Blendtec Blender).

All three range in power from 1475 watts to 1575 watts. They also use the interface and soft button controls found in the past models.

2. Blendtec Designer Series

Designer Blendtec blenders are designed with more advanced Pre Programmed blending technology.

These blenders feature hi-tech capacitive touchscreens controls. Their base design is more stable and quieter!

With the Blendtec Designer blenders, you get more speed and more blend cycles options.

They include Blendtec 725/725C, 675, 625, and the 600 (limited in distribution). Their power range from 1600 watts to 1725 watts.

Best Blendtec Blender Review

3. Blendtec Pro Series

Blendtec Pro Series is all about power, high-end technology, and top-notch versatility!

They include the Professional 750 and Professional 800.

The Pro 800 model currently stands are the world’s most powerful and quietest blender for the home kitchen. It uses Stealth Technology to give you a quiet residential blender model!

Understanding Blendtec Blender Jars

Blendtec has three main jars that can fit in any of its blender models!

When buying a Blendtec blender, you will get one of its three jars.

Best Blendtec Blender Review

You can always buy the other jars separately to bring a full blending experience in your kitchen.

1. The Wildside Jar

Just like the Professional 800 Blendtec blender, The Wildside Jar dominates the world of residential blending for its capabilities.

The Wildside is a DO-IT-ALL blender jar!

Some other companies have tried to copy the design of this jar. In 2006, Blendtec won a court settlement from Vitamix after they had sued them for patent infringement.

Vitamix had made an exact copy of this jar as its own XP and MP blender jars. The $24 million that Vitamix paid Blendtec in damages is the largest patent-related penalty of Utah’s history!

You now understand how powerful and versatile The Wildside Jar is, to warrant a copy from a prominent company like Vitamix.

Best Blendtec Blender Review

The Wildside Jar is a four side blender container with an extra fifth side. The extra side (wild side) is essentially a flattened corner.

The MAGIC of this jar comes in to play due to the wild side!

It changes the vortex created by the rotating blades, such that all the ingredients from top to bottom get sucked into the blades and mixed completely.

In simple terms, all the ingredients are channeled towards the blades.

Whether you are dealing with liquids like soups to solids like nuts, you will get perfectly consistent blends!

No dead spots! No hiding spaces for clumps!

The Wildside Jar works even BETTER for frozen desserts like ice cream or heavy ingredients like bread dough.

What’s more, the easy Gripper lid allows for adding ingredients through the center opening.

This lid will release pressure when blending hot liquids like soups.

If you often work with heavy duty tasks or large volumes (large family), you should get this jar!

2. The FourSide Jar

The FourSide is the standard Blendtec blender jar!

This jar has given itself a good account for its versatility in blending most ingredients.

Best Blendtec Blender Review

Blendtec discovered that a square sided jar would blend everyday ingredients better than the regular round jars.

As a result, they came up with this jar and it is one of the top reasons that brought up Blendtec Blenders to prominence.

The FourSide Jar works best for making soups, smoothies, making soups, and grinding dried foods and grains. Mention them!

If you work with smaller quantities of ingredients – the regular portion of a “standard kitchen” – this should be your Blendtec jar of choice.

Even better, it comes with the Gripper lid in the WildSide Jar!

3. The Twister Jar

The Twister Jar is round in design but comes with a Twister Lid equipped with two spatulas that hug the inside of the container.

Best Blendtec Blender Review

When you are blending, you manually “twist” the lid!

As you twist, the twin spatula feeds the ingredients back to the blades.

Just like the other two jars, The Twister Jar comes with the easy Gripper lid.

To get the most out of this jar, you should consider buying it if you regularly blend gooey and heavier types of food.

Such foods like baby food, nut butter, and hummus are the reason Blendtec designed this jar!

It is a very unique and highly functional idea. It’s one of the main reason why Blendtec blenders have become incredibly versatile kitchen appliances.

There is a Mini Twister Jar for those who only want a smaller container to make smaller portions of food! It’s the best Blendtec blender jar for making creamy nut butter!


  • All Blendtec jars easily fit in all the Blendtec blenders.
  • The jars are made of high-quality heavy-duty BPA-free plastic. They are toxic free and virtually indestructible.
  • Their blades are two-pronged, stainless steel. They will easily crush ice!
  • When making berry smoothie, no seeds will be left when using Blendtec jars.

While each Blendtec model comes with its standard blending jar, you can separately get the others separately to fully equip your kitchen!

Blendtec Blender Accessories

Blendtec also designs and manufacture professional-grade accessories and extensions.

Such accessories are custom-made and the perfect compliment for your Blendtec blending experience. They include:

  • Vented Gripper Lids
  • Latching Lids
  • Spoonula
  • Spectacula
  • Blendtec GO™ Travel Bottle

Best Blendtec Blender Review

1. Blendtec GO™ Travel Bottle

The Blendtec GO™ Travel Bottle is a perfect accessory for blending single-serve smoothies on the GO!

These bottles are convenient and reusable. When you add their travel lids, their convenience even doubles.

A smart way to use this bottle is filling a disposable food-grade cup with ingredients. Place it in the GO™ Bottle and secure it with a Micronizer Blade Base attachment. And then place it onto a Blendtec blender motor base.

Once you’re done, remove the cup and enjoy!

NOTE: You will need to by the Micronizer Base separately.

Best Blendtec Blender Review

2. Vented Gripper Lid

The Vented Gripper Lid is a perfect accessory for blending liquids.


It’s a flexible rubber lid that seals the liquids in the jar as you blend.

While blending hot liquids like soups, its removable vent allows steam to escape. You can also add ingredients as you blend without removing the lid. Thanks to the additional opening!

This accessory fits on the FourSide and WildSide jars.

The package includes a clear plastic insert cap. This lid comes in black and clear colors!

Best Blendtec Blender Review

3. Latching Lid

The Latching Lid embraces the same mechanism as the Vented Gripper to seal content inside the jar while blending.

This lid fits on the FourSide and WildSide jars that have the lip-edged jar.

As you blend the 4 side latches hold the Latching Lid on the jar securely.

A snapping action prompts you that it is securely in place! You can easily remove it by grabbing any of its latches and lifting.

It also comes with a clear smaller center plastic insert cap. This removable cap allows for the addition of ingredients while blending.

The lid design keeps splashes contained while adding ingredients whilst blending.

What’s more, the inner rib design will contain mess when the lid is placed upside down on counters. It keeps your counters clean!

The Latching Lid comes in black only!

Best Blendtec Blender Review

4. Spoonula

The Blendtec Spoonula is specifically designed in a shape and length to help you scrape every last morsel in your FourSide and WildSide blender jars.

This accessory features a built-in rest, curved handle, and includes a heat-resistant silicone head that is durable.

Best Blendtec Blender Review

5. Spectacula

Simply say, the Blendtec Spectacula is a Spoonula for the Twister Jar!

It lets you get every morsel of your blended ingredients out of the Blendtec blender Twister jar.

It features a built-in spoon rest, curved handle and the heat-resistant silicone head.

NOTE: Both the Spoonula and Spectacula come in 13” black handles and red spoon rests. There no other color options!

WAIT…the Blendtec Tamper!

I promised you something when you got here!

A 20% OFF Blendtec Tamper!

You might have wondered, is there really a Blendtec Tamper out there? I’ve never heard of it!

Well, there is one! Better, versatile, and durable!

It does everything that Spoonula and Spectacula can do Plus Much More. I did this detailed guide on the Tamperla™ Blendtec Blender stick.

Best Blendtec Blender Review

It is a very innovative universal Blender Tamper for Blendtec that will work on any blender jar!

But that’s not all! The designer of this blender tamper was very keen to come up with blender tampers that actually fit each type and size of blender jars.

In the case of all the Blendtec blender jars, you should go with the Tamperla™ Shortest Blender Stick!

What You Get from the Tamperla™ Blender Tamper Stick!

  • Tamper Stick End
  • Spatula Scoop
  • TBSP/TSP Scoop
  • Drip Trench
  • Self-standing Handle
  • Squeegee Edge
  • Anti-roll Design
  • EZ’R Grip Handle
  • A Half Shot Glass
  • Double-collar Design

Best Blendtec Blender Review

You get all this for a price that is way lower than the $24.95 USD priced Blendtec Spoonula or Spectacula.

To buy the Tamperla™ Blender Tamper, visit the Online Blend Versity Store. Use the Coupon Code: BLENDERTAMPERS to claim your 20% discount on all the sticks you will purchase!

NOTE: This stick comes with a lifetime warranty and four color options – Black, Grey, Red, and Blue!

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